Appendix 1: Censorship

  1. Any individual may reject materials for him or herself but may not restrict the freedom of others to read.
  2. Whenever library material is challenged, it will be reexamined by the Library Director and, when necessary, referred by the Director to the Board of Trustees; if the material meets the criteria of the materials selection and collection development policy, it shall not be removed from the collection except by court order.
  3. When materials are challenged library staff will:
    1. Treat complaints with dignity and courtesy.
    2. Provide a Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form (to be acquired in-person) to obtain a formal complaint.
    3. The full facts shall be presented to the library Board of Trustees.
    4. Defend the principles of freedom to read and the professional responsibility of the library rather than the book.
    5. Complaints and/or objections to library materials will be considered in terms of the Library’s materials selection policy, the principles of the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement, and the opinions of the reviewing source(s) used in selection.
    6. If necessary seek the support of local press and the New York Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee.
  4. The complaints, and/or objections, and response will be forwarded to the Library Director for review and relevant comments if received by a substitute in the Director’s absence.
  5. In the event that the person or group registering the objection is not satisfied, a direct meeting with the Library Director will be arranged.
  6. If the complainant still feels that the problem has been dealt with inadequately, a final appeal to the Board of Trustees will be made. The Library Director will notify and inform the Board of the details of the case before a full hearing is scheduled.