Physical Library Offerings


It’s no surprise that your local library offers physical books for your enjoyment. Come in to sit and read, check some out for later, or look through our reference collection for your tasks that require higher levels of research. If we don’t already own it and you want to read it, you can also request it!

Movies and Video Series

Our New and Popular collection is where most of our videos are kept. Family movies or childrens television shows can also be found in the Children’s section. We also have additional videos, such as travel or documentaries, in our Nonfiction section.

Printed Publications

Whether it’s a standard magazine, a science journal, or newspapers, we have a good selection of popular publications. Current issues of magazines and journals must be kept in the library, but anything older than the most current edition can be checked out. We also offer digital newspapers and magazines, but if you’d like to know what physical periodicals we have on hand then come on in, or contact us - we’d love to answer your questions.


As the local library of Saratoga Springs, we maintain various records of the following local publications in microfilm:

  • The Saratogian: 1855 to present
  • Saratoga Weekly Sentinel: 1819 - 1828; 1875 - 1885
  • Saratoga Whig: 1840 - 1842
  • Saratoga Daily Sentinel: 1873 - 1875
  • Saratoga Weekly Journal: 1882 - 1883
  • Saratoga Daily / Evening Journal: 1883 - 1886
  • New York Recorder: 1891 - 1892

Non-Traditional Items

Libraries’ reach is expanding, and we may have something you wouldn’t normally expect. Here are some of the items we offer that aren’t exactly traditional offered:

  • Museum Passes (see below)
  • Chromebooks (in-library use only)
  • Children’s Museum Backpacks
  • Djembe Drums
  • Puzzles, Board and Card Games - including Dungeons & Dragons
  • Hot Spots (internet access via cellular)
  • Lawn Games
  • Launchpads
  • Playaways
  • Ellison Machine and Die-Cuts
  • Craft Materials
  • LEGOs
  • Typing Software
  • Book Group Kits
  • Take-Home Kits

Museum Passes

A selection of passes to nearby museums are available for checkout. Please be aware of the following:

  • Passes cannot be reserved online or over the phone and are first-come, first-served.
  • Each museum’s pass may admit different types or amount of guests.
  • The availability of passes are not guaranteed, and the museums offered may rotate over time.
  • There is a replacement cost if lost and its value may be different per pass.
  • Please remember to plan accordingly based on each location’s available open times.
  • Borrowing museum passes is only available to residents of the Saratoga Springs City School District and Ex Libris members.

Visit a Children’s Museum, a state park, or even a former president’s residence. Admire amazing artwork, explore various histories of Saratoga Springs, or even board a World War II naval ship!

Special Collections

The library also maintains many diverse specialized collections. Please seek out additional information from any of our knowledgeable librarians.