Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

We will, as do all websites by default, collect information on your use of our website. This information will hopefully help us to determine what type of information is important to you, our visitors, as well as how to properly structure the site’s contents so that things are easier to find. Identifiable information may include:

  • Name and Email Address, if provided by you through directly
  • IP Address
  • Primary language
  • Computer Operating System, browser software, and screen resolution
  • Cookies used within our own site
  • How you arrived at our website

Names and email addresses will only be used to contact you about services that you had explicitly asked to be made aware of, or to answer questions posed by you to our staff. IP Addresses will only be used, along with language, OS, browser, and screen information, to help us identify best practices with use to our website so that we may make the viewing experience as nice as possible; this will only be looked at as an average of all visitors, we will not pinpoint any specific visitor. If available, we also like to know where our visitors come from to find our website, and this is also tracked, but like the other statistics, it is looked at as a whole, not by a user to user basis.

Your Privacy

We will not sell, share, submit, or otherwise let any organization outside the library system have access to your personal information (name and email), except for business needs such as for our newsletters, or to comply with law enforcement if such a need ever arises. Any of your other personally identifiable information will also never be sold, shared, or distributed for others to see. Information we will share with others will be total statistics such as the number of visitors to our site in a given period of time, most popular pages or sections, and most popular types of browsers and screen resolutions - again, nothing personally identifiable to a singular individual.