Schedule of Fines and Fees

Last updated: July, 2020
Missing AV Parts
CD or DVD Booklet, Cover Art, Case $5.00
CD from Multipart Music or Audiobook Set $10.00
DVD from Multipart Set Lesser of retail price or $20.00
Other Circulation Policy Fees
Replacement Library Card $1.00
Replacement of Item Lost or Damaged Beyond Usability Retail List Price
Lost Item Refund Administrative Fee $5.00
Collection Agency Fee $10.00
Interlibrary Loan Fees Charged by Other Libraries Entire Fee
Photocopies and Prints
Per Page Single-Sided Double-Sided
Black and White Copy or Print 8.5” x 11” $0.15 $0.30
Black and White Copy or Print 11” x 17” $0.30 $0.60
Color Print 8.5” x 11” $0.50 $1.00
Color Print 11” x 17” $1.00 $2.00
3D Printing: $1.00 per hour, rounded up to nearest half hour
Faxes (via Fax 24)
Destination First Page Additional Page
To US, Canada, and Caribbean $1.75 $1.00
Other International Destinations $3.95 $3.45
Earbuds $2.00
USB Storage Device $7.00
Blank DVD $1.00
Resume Paper / Stationery $0.10 per page
Miscellaneous Fees
Meeting Room Use During Closed Hours $50 per hour or fraction thereof
NSF / Returned Check Fee Bank Fee plus $5 per Check