Friends Book Shop

Some people used to say that the Friends Book Shop in the Saratoga Springs Public Library was one of the best-kept secrets. However, since it opened in 1995, it has doubled in sales, and also in the number of customers who now visit the store.

With over 8500 items to choose from, the shop now sells used books for adults and children, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, records, videotapes, and most items that are donated to the store. Eighty-five percent of the items in the store are donated and about 15 percent are library discards.

The shop is operated by the Friends of the Saratoga Springs Public Library, the non-profit organization that raises money and donates it to the library. Over 60 amazing volunteers help sort, price, and clean donations, stock the shelves, and run the shop which is open seven days a week for a total of 56 hours.

Books range in price from 50 cents for some paperbacks and children’s books to a book from the “New & Popular” shelf that is a current best-seller and in like-new condition. Most books are $3 or less. In addition the 460 square foot shop also sells new books by local authors

For more information, and a more complete list of sales, view the Friends’ home for The Friends Book Shop! And don’t forget to visit and like us on Facebook!


The library gratefully accepts book donations. Because of the large volume we receive, however, some guidelines are in order:

  • We ask that the books are clean, dry, and free of odor.
  • We cannot accept textbooks, Encyclopedias over 10 years old, or damaged or soiled books
  • We welcome media donations such as audio CDs and video DVDs
  • If you wish to donate a large number of books, please make prior arrangements (call 518-584-7860 x333) before bringing them to the Library

Outreach Program

Surplus books donated to the Friends Book Shop and from the Library can be provided to community organizations and schools. We are always looking for new recipients of our used books. If you are a charitable organization, library, or school in need of books, please contact Jeff Budge, Book Shop manager at 518-584-7860 x333 or email us.