Racial and Social Justice

Last updated: July, 2020

Saratoga Springs Public Library adheres to the tenet that every member of our community has a fundamental right to live without discrimination and deserves equal justice under the law. We do not tolerate racism of any kind; and we strive for equity in the delivery of our programs and services. We recommit to addressing racial justice and institutional racism, socioeconomic divisions within our community, and human dignity for all, by:

  • Recognizing and naming that there are historical and institutionalized obstacles to social equity;
  • Committing to an examination of library policies, procedures, practices, programs, and services in order to eliminate barriers to access and opportunity;
  • Creating and maintaining an environment of diversity, inclusion and respect within our library programs and services, among library staff, and in the greater community;
  • Endeavoring to reach, engage, and include disenfranchised and marginalized members of our community in decision-making about library programs, services, and resources;
  • Identifying and sharing resources that reflect the diverse experiences of and have an impact upon the lives of Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color; and
  • Leveraging our trusted position to convene conversations and build partnerships to address challenging issues facing our community in an environment where all people feel respected, welcomed and safe.