In District Patrons

Last updated: June, 2008

Because the library is primarily supported by property taxes paid by residents of its chartered service area - geographically equivalent to The Saratoga Springs Enlarged City School District - a selection of high-demand materials in the “New and Popular” collection is reserved for borrowing and/or holding by district residents.

Similarly, at the discretion of the library director, priority may be given to district residents for services and programs for which sign-up or registration is required.

For purposes of this policy, a resident shall be defined as:

  • A person who resides within The Saratoga Springs Enlarged City School District and who would be eligible to vote in school district elections if of age, and/or
  • A person who pays property taxes in the school district and can produce a tax bill in his or her name.

The library director, in consultation with the library staff, shall be responsible for determining valid forms of proof of residence. Government-issued photo IDs such as drivers’ licenses with a current address, or a photo ID in combination with a utility bill, lease, or rental agreement are examples of the types of proof that may be required.

Staff members and active regular volunteers residing outside the district will be extended full borrowing privileges; however privileges will not extend to other members of their households.

As a token of appreciation, the library will extend full borrowing privileges to nonresidents who join the Ex Libris Society of the Friends of the Saratoga Springs Public Library.