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Feel free to contact us! Found below are many options of departments, services, or people — and various contact methods that you may use to reach us. Also find us on our social media platforms!

A list of public contact information for various people and services within the Saratoga Springs Public Library.
Library Services Contact Options
Library (General) ‍518-584-7860
Staff / Administrative Fax Number ‍518-584-7866
Children’s Room ‍518-584-7860 x305
Information Desk ‍518-584-7860 x210
Interlibrary Loan Office ‍518-584-7860 x241
Literacy and Assessment Librarian ‍518-584-7860 x259
Outreach and Homebound Services ‍518-584-7860 x228
Reference and Adult Services ‍518-584-7860 x304
Renewals and Account Information ‍518-584-7860 x303
Saratoga History Room ‍518-584-7860 x255
The Teen Room ‍518-584-7860 x239
A list of public contact information for vendors that operate within the Saratoga Springs Public Library.
Specialty Services Contact Options
Friends Book Shop ‍518-584-7860 x333
Friends Coffee Shop ‍518-584-7860 x263
Contact information for employees with various roles within the Saratoga Springs Public Library.
Employee Contacts Contact Options
Community Relations Coordinator (Gina M.) ‍518-584-7860 x250
Computer Systems Manager (Donald F.) ‍518-584-7860 x202
Human Resources Manager (Kelly M.) ‍518-584-7860 x284
Meeting Room Coordinator (Susan P.) ‍518-584-7860 x264
Web Administrator (Brendon K.) ‍518-584-7860 x217
Contact information for the various Department Heads within the Saratoga Springs Public Library.
Administration Team Contact Options
Catherine Brenner, Youth Services ‍518-584-7860 x204
Jamie Chabot, Adult Services ‍518-584-7860 x206
Jennifer Ferriss, Assistant Library Director ‍518-584-7860 x242
Trevor Oakley, Access and Outreach Services ‍518-584-7860 x268
A. Issac Pulver, Library Director ‍518-584-7860 x201
A list of library board members and their contact information.
Library Board Members Contact Options
Contact All Board Members ‍518-584-1957
Frank Brady, Board Trustee Direct Email
Katie Capelli, Board President Direct Email
Heather Crocker, Board Vice President Direct Email
Carol Daggs, Board Trustee Direct Email
Terence Diggory, Board Secretary Direct Email
Jean Fei, Board Trustee Direct Email
Nancy Luther, Board Trustee Direct Email