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About the Library Building

The Saratoga Springs Public Library rests in beautiful downtown Saratoga Springs, NY. Come in and enjoy your favorite selection of materials with our helpful staff who are always available to assist you.

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Hours of Availability

The library is closed on most major holidays.

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Where to Find this Location

The library is located at 49 Henry Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

The adjacent public parking lot is located behind the library, at approximately 55 Putnam Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

Location of Library Building

Spaces and Places at this Location

  • A doorway surrounded by 3 computers along a wall. Lights are on inside the room, with closed metal shades over the windows.

    Computer Lab

    A small classroom-style space for computing with an instructor PC and 15 additional student PCs. The computer hardware was graciously donated by the Friends of the Saratoga Springs Public Library.
  • Animals in a forest at night crowd around an open door attached to a tree trunk in the forest, with brilliant light coming forth from the doorway.

    Crawshaw Story Room

    The Crawshaw (Story Time) Room, is a fun, engaging, and bright place for the younger generation to be introduced to the library with toys, stories, and playful programs.
  • Entrance to the Friends Book Shop

    Friends Book Shop

    The Friends Book Shop is a used book store located on the first floor of the Saratoga Springs Public Library. The Shop is run by the Friends of the Saratoga Springs Public Library.
  • Two red, leather-cushioned seats surround a small circular table with a floral centerpiece.

    Friends Coffee Shop

    The Friends Coffee Shop, offering drinks and snacks, is run by the Friends of the Saratoga Springs Public Library. All profits are generously donated to the library.
  • An overview of the entirety of the room: Two tables with 8 chairs each, a well-lit room with whiteboard and large bulletin board, and small kitchenette.

    Glasby Room

    The Glasby Room, named in honor of a previous librarian, is a publicly bookable event space on the ground floor of the library.
  • A wide view of nearly the full physical space of the room with the platform stage as the focus.

    Harry Dutcher Community Room

    The Harry Dutcher Community Room, named in honor of a previous library director, houses the largest event space of all library meeting rooms.
  • A sculpture of a large from reading a story from a book to a smaller frog that is sitting atop its head.

    Henry Street Frog Park

    The Frog Park is a small, quaint, outdoor space for sitting outdoors for calm and patient moments in a small nook of nature within library grounds.
  • Tables with chairs around a room’s perimeter, against the walls. One lone table and chair in the center of the floor. Tall windows cover the majority of the walls.

    Quiet Study Room

    This space is reserved for those who wish to concentrate in an area that is explicitly designated, with rare exceptions, as a quiet place within the library.
  • Images are hung on columns within a hallway. The nearest artwork is of a woman painted in period style, with a golden hue backdrop, brunette hair with golden highlights, and a black material around her shoulders.

    Saratoga Arts’ Exhibit

    Saratoga Arts features solo artists’ exhibits in many different publicly accessible locations within Saratoga County. The Saratoga library is proud to participate as one of these venues.
  • A door partially hidden by a waist high shelf of books with a sign to the right hanging from the ceiling to denote the entrance to the Saratoga (History) Room.

    Saratoga History Room

    The Saratoga Room, containing the library’s collections of local history and artifacts, is located on the second floor of the Saratoga Springs Public Library.
  • Three tables with 8 chairs each equidistant within the room, with a whiteboard and projector screen in the back of the room, bulletin board to the right wall, and a kitchenette to the left.

    Susman Room

    The Susman Room, named in honor of a previous librarian, is the larger of the two publicly bookable event spaces found on the ground floor of the library.
  • Open door peering into the Teen Room from the outside, showing part of a couch, colorful chairs, and computers.

    Teen Room

    The Teen Room is open to students in grades 7-12. It is not a quiet area of the library. Enjoy games, studying, art and crafts, and complete homework in a safe and teen-friendly environment!
  • Tree-like columns, decorative wooden chairs, and shelves with animal-inspired endcap artwork withmany books on shelves.

    The Children’s Room

    The Children’s Room is the name given to a large portion of the ground floor, dedicated completely to our younger audiences, and those young at heart.
  • A play area with chairs, corkboard bulletin area, padded log seat, and decorative nature-themed carpet.

    Treehouse Room

    The Treehouse Room is a dedicated play-and-learn area made especially for our younger, inquisitive, and more imaginative audiences.