Glasby Room

About the Glasby Room

With room dimensions at approximately 27’×16’, the Glasby Room - named in honor of a previous librarian - is a publicly bookable event space on the ground floor of the library. This room boasts a maximum seating of 19 people. All library areas have free public WiFi available.

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Features of this Location / Special Features

  • Up to 19 Chairs

  • Bulletin Board
  • Sink
  • TV with DVD/VCR and Remote
  • Whiteboard
  • 2 Tables (4’ × 8’)
  • Digital Projector and Screen
  • DVD Player
  • Video (VGA) PC Hookup Cables
  • Boom Box (CD and tape player with radio)
  • Large Easels with Paper Pads and Markers
  • White Board with dry erase markers and eraser
  • Card Table
  • Overhead Projector for transparencies
  • TV with DVD and VCR Player

Hours of Availability

The Glasby Room may be open during the same hours as the library, but it is only accessible for use during library programs or public meetings. Please see the public meeting room guidelines to understand limitations, and the public meeting rooms service page for more information on reserving its use as a public group.

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Where to Find this Location

The Glasby Room is on the ground (bottom) floor. After exiting the elevator or stairwell, turn right. Head toward the end of the hallway. There is a hanging sign from the ceiling next to its entryway door. The Glasby Room is the last meeting room on the right with glass windows. It is before the emergency exit and before the staff-only entryway at the very end of the hall.

Location of Glasby Room