Crawshaw Story Room

About the Crawshaw Story Room

The Crawshaw “Story” Room, named after a longtime veteran librarian who inspired the love of reading in thousands of children, is fun and engaging. It is themed with a whimsical forest backdrop and amazing artwork from a local illustrator. A room dedicated to children also isn’t complete without a stuffed animal or two!

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Features of this Location / Special Features

  • A full kitchen for helping to clean spills or help with seasonal programs

  • A natural, log-built reading chair
  • Padded floor mats and small chairs for younger audiences’ seating
  • Whimsical art decorations create a theme for the space

Hours of Availability

This room is only available for programs and events catering to our younger patrons. Although events can range from any hour during standard library hours, unless otherwise noted, it is only in use while an event is in session.

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Where to Find this Location

The Crawshaw Story Room is on the ground (bottom) floor. After exiting the elevator or stairwell, turn right. The Crawshaw Story Room is the first and only room, in this hallway, with an inset door entryway on the right.

Location of Crawshaw Story Room