Quiet Study Room

About the Quiet Study Room

The Quiet Study room on the second floor is a dedicated space for those wishing to exclude themselves from the potentially noisier areas of the library. The library is a community space and is not an active husher of people, until or unless noise is noticeably distracting. As such, we offer this respite for anyone that needs a quiet space.

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Features of this Location / Special Features

  • Quiet location for concentration

  • Large windows with natural light
  • Leafy plant life adds to the ambiance
  • High quality air filter
  • Sectioned desk areas
  • Large overhead, indirect lights, and frosted pendant lights

Hours of Availability

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Where to Find this Location

From the stairwell, immediately turn right and head to the elevator, once in front of the elevator, turn left, you should be facing the Reference (Service) desk. From the elevator, head straight across to the other side of the building as the Quiet Study Room is straight ahead.

Location of Quiet Study Room