Walk-in Meeting Use Guidelines

The Susman Room and the Glasby Room, located on the ground floor, are available for use by walk-in users when not scheduled for use in advance by groups. To check on availability and to sign in, please go to the Children's Room service desk on the ground floor. Following are the guidelines for this service:

  • Any group of two or more individuals at least one of whom is 14 years of age, that does not exceed the room's capacity, or any individual aged 14 or over may use a room.
  • Walk-in users are not guaranteed sole use of meeting rooms, and may be required to share meeting room space with other walk-in users.
  • No sign up in advance or holding a room in response to a phone call. Walk in users only.
  • Meetings scheduled in advance will always have preference. Rooms should be vacated 15 minutes before a scheduled meeting.
  • In order to keep rooms reasonably available to all users, each group or individual is expected to limit use to a maximum of two hours per day.
  • We ask users not to break down chairs and tables or set up equipment so the room will be ready for scheduled groups.
  • Rooms must be clean and all personal property and trash removed when users leave.
  • All meetings in the library must be open to the public.
  • Walk-in users are not provided access to the library‚Äôs audio-video equipment.

Revised April 2014