Copyright Information

Our Website's Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise stated, all material used on the website is copyright SSPL. Imagery, content, and other material may not be used without permission. To request permission, please contact the webmaster. The library catalog is not part of the website. Any web sites or services used or linked to from the website is copyright or trademark their respective owners.

Used Tools with Copyright

The following tools and solutions were used in the creation of our website, and requested or required attribution for their work on the websites they were used in:

David Hellsing's Tripoli CSS "framework"
License: GNU General Public License
Tripoli allowed us to create a nice visual experience that is very similar in most popular browsers in a very short amount of time.
License: CC Attribution ShareAlike
Brian McAllister's (frequency-decoder) TableSort is a fully functional JavaScript utility to aid in allowing visitors to sort standard HTML tables without forcing the webserver to do any extra work.

Credits to Tools and Authors

Some tools or solutions used on our site were freely provided, without copyright, but we'd still like to extend our thanks to them for providing these tools and solutions by making our lives easier.