About the Website

In response to an ongoing need for more material, content, and interactivity, the website has undertaken many different versions over the years. With the Strategic Plan undertaken in 2006, the library and the community has identified many new goals with regard to an online presense. It is our goal to meet as many of these needs as possible. One such goal was a rebirth of the library's website. Although much of the original content is still preserved, everything will eventually change and morph as does everything with time. You can expect more features and changes as time progresses, in order to fulfill our mission to inform, to inspire, and to entertain.

If any visitor to our site has any suggestion, comment, feedback, or any problems to report back to us, please let us know. We would like our visitor's experiences to be as enjoyable as possible. There are some things beyond our control, and things do take time, but we will strive to meet any and all requests. Thank you for visiting!