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The 2016 Presidential Campaign: Do We Have to Admit It's Getting Better?

Date: Thursday, October 27
Time: Noon
Location: H. Dutcher Community Room

The 2016 presidential campaign has often highlighted the worst of contemporary American politics. The past several months have featured candidates who oscillate between over-heated public rhetoric and hushed solicitations of contributions from well-heeled individuals and interests; an electorate that has been at times enraged, at others confused, and at still others indifferent; and a news media that covets chaos so much that it will create it if necessary. Is there any reason to think that the 2016 campaign portends anything other than continued partisan polarization and systemic dysfunction? Join Skidmore Professor Ron Seyb for a talk that draws on political science research to address this question. No registration required.

Saratoga Reads! Book Choice Announcements

Date: Thursday, November 3
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: H. Dutcher Community Room

You may have heard that some changes are afoot with SaratogaReads!, which has a new home at Saratoga Springs Public Library. We're hard at work behind the scenes, planning the new season of programs for a selection that we're excited to announce soon!

Mark your calendars for a special event at the library at 7PM on Thursday, November 3, when all will be revealed, and we'll highlight coming attractions for the next season of related events, which will occur from December through March.