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Leaving Our Fingerprints

Help make history by sharing your story of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as we relied on information about the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1917-1918 to inform our response to COVID-19, future generations may benefit from understanding what we experienced. By collecting your stories, we become witnesses-to-history, providing insight into daily life during this global pandemic and adding to the historic record.

How can you get involved? Please take some time to fill out this form -- and feel free to share with your friends, family members, and neighbors -- the more people participate, the better understanding we’ll have of the impact of COVID-19. Take the short survey by clicking here now

Summer Reading Program 2020

Date: Monday, June 22
Time: 12:30 p.m.

Once again, Saratoga Springs Public Library is proud to participate in the annual New York State Summer Reading program. This year, we invite you to "Imagine Your Story" through a wide range of activities, challenges, programming, and of course... READING! To discover all the ways you can participate, please click on the links below:  





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