Teen Volunteer Application

This form also exists as a PDF that can be printed and filled out by hand. If you’d prefer to complete that form, please download the Teen Volunteer Application Form instead. Do not complete both forms.

All fields are required.

Due to online age restrictions, this form must be completed by a legal parent or guardian. Please make sure a parent or guardian is the one completing this online form - with information on behalf of the interested volunteer - and check the box below for verification. A parent signature will still be required for full approval of the application process.

List any skills and/or interests that may apply to your potential volunteer service at the library.

No, we don't expect any emergencies, but preparation is important!

I have read the teen volunteer guidelines and understand the potential responsibilities that may come with volunteering at Saratoga Springs Public Library. I understand that volunteering is a time commitment and should be taken seriously.

I give my permission for the above applicant to apply for volunteer work at the Saratoga Springs Public Library. It is understood that submission of this application does not guarantee volunteer placement.

Please note that a physical document with a parent or guardian signature will also be required for the volunteer application to be fully processed.