Information For Readers

Wondering what to read next? We can help you! Stop by at the Information Desk on the first floor of the Library. While you are waiting your turn to get a copy of the latest best selling novel, or a book currently popular among reading groups in the area, let us know what you're in a mood to read. Funny, light reading? Award-winning novels? Suspenseful page-turners? Come pick our brains. We'll help you find what you might like.

While you are visiting us on this page, try some of these links that might help you make your choice.

Suggestions from Our Librarians
These guides made by our librarians include reading suggestions in a variety of subject areas, as well as guides about library services, events, and helpful links and tools.
Web Sites for Readers
These specially selected resources should help you find something to read next, or even something you've read in the past and are looking for again.
Saratoga Reads!
A group in Saratoga Springs committed to "participate in a program designed to create an extensive and shared conversation for all ages and various areas of interest, centering on the community-wide reading of a novel rich enough to sustain invigorating dialogue".