Strategic Planning: 2021-2024

You may download or print the planning report by viewing it on our website.

The Director's Message (excerpt):

[This] plan is the result of over a year of work on the part of library staff, community members, and trustees, and sets the framework for our strategic priorities over the next several years. The approved plan is a "high-level" plan, that will be supplemented annually with work plans.

Unlike our previous plan which had sort of ten service priorities, this is a little bit more compact. It really has four strategic focuses: universal accessibility, community leadership, the library as a place, and the library as a community convener. So what do those things mean? To give you a little bit of an idea [...] universal accessibility is that we offer something for everybody within our community, and that we have the spaces available for all types of needs, the way that people will want to use the library, that we improve the community's awareness of our offerings, and provide convenient and welcome access to those resources, and that we put a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion in all of our services.

Ike Pulver, Library Director

To read more on the process as well as all of the criteria we wish to meet, please read the full planning report.