Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

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Library Board of Trustees
Board Meeting
Monday, March 8, 2021

Janet Lindner, Heather Crocker, Minita Sanghvi, Katie Capelli, Frank Brady, Terence Diggory, Tara Chhabra, Jennifer Ogrodowski, Laura Clark, Ike Pulver, Eric Blackman, Ric Taras, Don Flinton, Sue Pettit

Kristen Dart, Jennifer Ferriss, Carmen Vasquez

Meeting Called to Order at 5:06 PM

APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES: Motion made by Katie Capelli and seconded by Heather Crocker to approve the regular meeting minutes for February with a small correction to the dates of the prepaids and warrants on the financial reports. Also, for the special meeting minutes on February 26th, simplified with corrections by Ike Pulver previously taken by Carmen Vasquez. Ike eliminated the transcript Carmen included, not required and changed the outline for the minutes in the special meeting which is different from the regular meeting. All in favor. Motion carries.

APPROVAL OF EXPENDITURES: Motion made by Katie Capelli and second by Frank Brady to approve the February Pre-Paid Checks #68648-68651 totaling $1,126.16 and the March Warrants/Checks #68652-68720 totaling $99,314.62. All in favor. Motion carries.

APPROVAL OF FINANCIAL REPORTS: Motion made by Janet Lindner and second by Katie Capelli to approve the February Prepaids, March Warrant Summary Sheet, Budget Report and Income Report. All in favor. Motion carries.



CORRESPONDENCE AND COMMUNICATION: Discussion at a later meeting about a letter from a Staff member about reconsidering the decision made about the salaries structure for the upcoming fiscal year.


  • In a holding pattern for reopening depending on positivity rates and vaccination rates. The library is now in Stage 4.
  • Due to the Governor's executive order, public meetings will still take place virtually
  • The 1st retreat for the Strategic Plan will start tomorrow, have a good group of Staff members, Community members and Board members. Looking forward to results from the consultants on all the surveys and focus groups.
  • Saratoga Book Festival: recently hosted author, Andre Perry in conversation with Skidmore College professor Amon Emerka. A recording of the program can be found on the Saratoga Book Festival site. Two more events the library will be hosting include children’s authors, Kao Kalia Yang and Tricia Springstubb at the end of the month and partnering with WAMC and the Book Festival, Mark Harris in Conversation with Audrey Kupferberg in April.
  • Statistics: forgoing the usual report and reviewing how we gather statistics so they are meaningful and in the format we gather for the state.
  • Department Reports: were discussed. In Tara’s report, Board approval was needed for the Pandemic Operations Plan document. NYS mandates all public employers have a plan in place by April 1, 2021. Included in this plan is the previously approved Health Emergency Response Plan, Business Reopening Safety Plan, newer telecommuting policy and additional required details.

After a discussion, motion made by Frank Brady to accept the Pandemic Operations Plan document as a policy. Second by Katie Capelli. All in favor. Motion carries.

Inclement weather/extraordinary circumstances: updated and revised statements were added to the existing policy in the employee handbook. Motion made by Katie Capelli and second by Terence Diggory. All in favor. Motion carries.


Reopening Status: discussed in Ike's report
Strategic Planning: discussed in Ike's report

NEW BUSINESS: Employee Handbook Updates - discussed and action taken

Pandemic Operations Plan - discussed and action taken

Annual Report for Public and Association Libraries - discussed, may require subsequent revisions if SALS has questions on certain data. Motion made by Frank Brady and second by Katie Capelli to accept the Annual Report for Public and Association Libraries. All in favor. Motion carries.

Meeting Adjourned at 5:54 pm

Respectfully submitted by:
Susan Pettit, Administration Clerk

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