Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

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Library Board of Trustees
Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees - Organizational Meeting
Monday, July 13, 2020

Frank Brady, Kathleen Capelli, Heather Crocker, Terence Diggory, Janet Lindner, Minita Sanghvi, Issac (Ike) Pulver, Eric Blackman, Tara Chhabra, Laura Clark, Jennifer Ferriss, Don Flinton, Jennifer Ogrodowski, Ric Taras

Carmen Vasquez

Meeting Called to Order at 4:30 PM

Oath of Office:
The Oath of Office was administered and notarized by, Sue Pettit, to Heather Crocker and Terence Diggory. Saratoga Springs City School District will provide the Library with a certified copy of the Official Results of Budget Vote. Upon receipt they will be filed with the Saratoga County Clerk's Office.

Election of Officers:
Under the by-laws the title of officer: President, Vice President, Secretary and Financial Officer are elected amongst the Board members themselves at the commencement of each Organizational meeting.

Kathleen Capelli second by Janet Lindner nominate Frank Brady as President. Minita Sanghvi second by Frank Brady nominate Kathleen Capelli to serve as Vice President. Frank Brady second by Minita Sanghvi elect Janet Lindner as Secretary and Frank Brady second by Kathleen Capelli nominate Minita Sanghvi as the Financial Officer. All in favor, motion carried.

Annual Trustee Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy Attestation and Statement

Meeting and Holiday Schedule for FY 2020-21 and CY 2021

FY 2020-21 Schedule of Fines and Fees

Meeting Adjourned at 4:53 pm

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