Copiers and Faxing


Located on each floor of the library is a flatbed scanner capable of producing two sizes of copies

  • $0.15: Letter (8.5"×11")
  • $0.30: Ledger (11"×17")

Our scanners are capable of scanning hardcover books, magazines, maps, and of course standard letter-sized paper documents. Assistance from staff is available if needed.

Fax Service

Our fax service is located only the 2nd floor of the library and is integrated into our public copier unit (only with this copier). The fax machine can auto-feed multiple page documents, but it is recommended to send 10 or less at a time, if possible, as long transmissions are subject to a higher possibility of failure due to common phone line interference.

We can send faxes to domestic numbers, inside the US. This service is offered at no cost.

For assistance using our fax service please see the staff member at the nearby service desk during our open hours.

This service is for outgoing faxes only, and for physical documents only. We cannot accept incoming faxes on behalf of patrons, nor do we support sending a digital file as a fax.

If you must receive a fax, there are online services, such as or that provide fax-to-email options. These services also offer digital document faxing (ex: email-to-fax).