Computer Classes and Information

Check the Computers and Technology Event Offerings in our current month's Calendar of Events. Courses may be added or removed based on current trends and needs. We offer the following courses on Microsoft Windows computer systems:

Basic Introductory Courses (use library computers)

  • Email Basics
  • Internet Safety Basics and Fake News
  • Intro to the Windows 10
  • Intro to Cloud Computing
  • Intro to Computers and MS Windows for Absolute Beginners hands-on
  • Intro to Copy/Cut/Paste
  • Intro to Flash Drives I and II
  • Intro to the Internet and Comparing Internet Browsers
  • Typing Basics

Intermediate Courses (use library computers)

  • MS Office 2013: Excel Parts I and II
  • MS Office 2013: Publisher
  • MS Office 2013: Word
  • File Management I and II
  • Job Searching on the Web
  • Social Networking: Intro to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest I and II, YouTube
  • Managing Digital Pictures
  • Buying and Selling Items on eBay
  • Craigslist Discussion
  • Please Go Away! Travel Workshop
  • Google Drive Basics I and II

Advanced Courses (use library computers)

  • Intro to Adobe Photoshop Elements 10: Full Edit Mode
  • Intro to Adobe Photoshop Elements 10: Handling Camera RAW Images
  • Intro to Adobe Photoshop Elements 10: Layers 1 and 2
  • Digital Camera 4-Class Series:
    • The Basics
    • Additional Settings
    • Movies / Video
    • DSLR Shooting in Camera RAW

Classes on Apple or Android Devices (bring your own device)

  • Intro to Apple iPads
  • Intro to Apple iPhones: The Basics and Beyond the Basics
  • Apple iPads and iPhones: Safari, Internet, Bookmarks; Contacts and Email; Camera and Photos; Siri; Calendar; Apple Wallet; iCloud, iDrive and Backup; Apps in General, Practice
  • Android Smartphones and Tablets: The Basics and Beyond the Basics
  • Intro to the Macbook or Macbook Pro
  • Copying Pictures from a Smartphone or Tablet to a Windows 10 PC

Classes Once a Month on eReaders (bring your own device[s] to class)

  • Library eBooks/eAudiobooks for your eReader One-on-One (Kindle Fire, Nook, iPad)

Practice Times

Practice times for former beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students (all ability levels)...

Prerequisite: Must have taken a library computer class or be taking a class to enroll. Single sessions offered give computer users of all ability levels time to practice with the instructor present to answer questions. Former students may use any available software. Even learn to type during these sessions, or scan photographs if the instructor knows ahead of time. Students with disabilities are welcome to enroll and are asked to bring along a volunteer assistant; otherwise, please contact the library ahead of time, and if a volunteer is available, the library will match you with one. Contact the Computer Lab Supervisor for details.

Digital Camera Series

It is best to take all 4 courses consecutively in this series to fully benefit from the entire course. If you have a digital camera, you may bring it with you to class. If you do not have a digital camera you can come and observe. (Please note that we cannot guarantee specific instruction for each individual digital camera.)

Maximum class size is usually 15 students except for some which require a maximum of 10 or 5 students. Most courses meet for one two-hour session, but some meet for three or four two-hour sessions. Some classes meet for only one hour.

Frequency of Course Offerings

Courses are offered year-round and most classes repeat seasonally. Registration is conducted four times a year on a seasonal basis. For registration dates and class times, please check our Calendar of Events.

Missing a Class

We strongly encourage students to plan on taking all classes in a course; however, we realize unforeseen events do occur. If you have questions or are unable to attend any class please contact the Computer Lab Supervisor, at 518-584-7860 ext. 268.