Local History Resources

These charts were created to assist you in narrowing your search when looking for historical source materials or information. The star ratings either represent a comparison of the sources, or designate (when only one star) a type of source material.

Hover over the star ratings to find more information about how each source is rated.

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Source Organizations Genealogy Historic Sites Springs / Mineral Waters / Spa Buildings / Architecture Photos of People / Places
Saratoga Springs Public Library some material best source 19th century hotels, commercial buildings
Saratoga Springs City Historian some material best source good source public/private buildings
Historical Society of Saratoga Springs some material good source some material public buildings/hotels original 19th century, early 20th century photographic prints
BROOKSIDE / Saratoga Co. History Center good source Ballston Spa Mineral Springs good source
Saratoga Co. Historian best source
George S. Bolster Collection photos arranged by location best source
Saratoga Springs Preservation Fdn. residential and commercial buildings local architecture
Saratoga National Historical Park some material Battlefield, Monument, and Schuyler House farms and homes on the Battlefield
Skidmore College current and former Skidmore buildings some material
Crandall Public Library Folk Arts Genealogy

Source Organizations Gov't / Laws Business Records Horse Racing Battle of Saratoga (1777) Personal Papers
Saratoga Springs Public Library Dr. Walter S. McClellan
Saratoga Springs City Historian city records, tax rolls limited records
Historical Society of Saratoga Springs good source Frank Sullivan; Ellen Hardin Walworth; Andrews
BROOKSIDE / Saratoga Co. History Center early records some material some material
Saratoga Co. Historian early records some material
Saratoga Springs Preservation Fdn. legislation concerning historic preservation
Supreme Court Law Library Saratoga County and NY State laws
National Museum of Racing best source
Saratoga National Historical Park early park history; C.C.C. records best source George Slingerland; Strover-Lober
Skidmore College some memorabilia and photographs Edna St. Vincent Millay; Frances Steloff
Crandall Public Library A.W. Holden Miller