About Public Donations

First and foremost thank you to all who kindly consider thoughtful donations for the Saratoga Local History collection! Patrons and donors help make the collection remain diverse, relevant, and informative for future generations of researchers.

Legally, any and all items being donated, including items such as books, manuscripts, ephemera, and photographs, must be signed over to the Saratoga Room by Gift Agreement. This does not include the intellectual property rights, so each item is bound by allowable use and copyright depending on the date, media format, and if the donator has the right to provide such rights.

For those interested in donating to the library's local history collection within the Saratoga Room, we can only accept a proposed donation with a signed gift agreement, or at a minimum, complete contact information including a full name, address, phone number, and email address.

For questions, or to provide details about the intended donation and related contact information, reach out to the Saratoga Room:

For the library's own stipulations on donations, separate from the Saratoga Room, please see the Collection Development and Materials Selection Policy.
For donations of books made to the Friends Book Shop, please refer to the Friends Book Shop website.