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Family History Sources

  • Walter S. Mc Clellan Collection - Books and files of the late balneologist who was medical director of The Saratoga Spa from 1931 to 1953.
  • Frank Sullivan Collection - Books authored and inscribed by the many famous people who were friends of the "Sage of Saratoga."
  • Lester Family Scrapbook - A unique glimpse into Victorian Saratoga.
  • Stonequist Notebooks - Clippings compiled by the late Dr. Everett Stonequist, Professor of Sociology at Skidmore, highlighting events of 1942 to 1970.
  • City Directories - A complete set, 1868 to present, some for outlying areas.
  • Yearbooks - Most issues of yearbooks from both the public and Catholic high schools
  • Saratoga County Jewry History Project - Audio tapes of oral histories of over 70 Jewish community members.

Many of the books, photographs, and other items in the Saratoga Collection have been generously donated by individuals and organizations. The library welcomes such gifts as a means of preserving our local history and making it available to others.

Gambling Collection

Vertical Files

  • Buildings & Sites -- Church Street -- photos of the Brook Club; Woodlawn Avenue -- photos of the Chicago Club
  • Casino, Canfield
  • Crime - Parillo murder and miscellaneous folder
  • Gambling
  • History -- General
  • Lakes - sub-file, Lake Houses
  • "Newspapers/Media" Under Newspapers -- paper by Patricia Roesch "The Saratogian and the Historical Odds on John Morrisey"

Cataloged Books on Shelves

  • The Big Bankroll: the Life and Times of Arnold Rothstein by Leo Katcher (S 364 K)
  • Brandy For Heroes by Jack Kofoed (S B Morrisey)
  • Canfield by Alexander Gardiner (S B Canfield)
  • Crime in America by Estes Kefauver (S 364.973 K)
  • Fabulous Bawd by Mel Heimer (S 974.748 H)
  • Lansky by Hank Messick (S 364.1 M)
  • The Last Testament of Lucky Luciano, by Martin Gosch and Richard Hammer (S 364.973 G)
  • Little Man: Meyer Lansky and the Gangster Life by Robert Lacey (S 92 Lansky)
  • Meyer Lansky: a Mogul of the Mob by Dennis Eisenberg (S 92 Lansky)
  • The Mob: 200 Years of Organized Crime in New York by Virgil Peterson (S 364.106 )
  • Such Was Saratoga by Hugh Bradley (S 974.748 B)
  • Sucker's Progress by Herbert Asbury (S 795 As)


  • Gambling Investigations and Trials, Saratoga Springs and County, 1920-21 Scrapbook of news clippings compiled by Caleb Mitchell (S 364.974 G)
  • Stonequist Scrapbooks Compiled by Everett B. Stonequist Volumes 4, 5A, 5B, 6A


  • Michael Sweeney: Reminiscences -- 1986 (VC S 92 Sweeney)
  • Saratoga Gambling and Racing Memories -- 1989 (VC S 795 Sara)