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Notable Fires
Historical data about notable fires in Saratoga Springs involving prominent buildings, large losses, or loss of life. Not all fires are included.
Description Date Address Damages Injuries Notes
"A" Spring Bottling House 1868-01-19 N. W. of Old Red Spring The "A" Spring site is buried under arterial north of the city, behind Niagara Mohawk Power corp. service buildings on Excelsior Ave.
Allerdice Hide & Tallow Co. 1949-08-13 30 Maple Avenue 2 Firemen injured.
Ambassador Tavern 1966-08-25 See Western Auto
Apartment 1945-02-22 73 Church St. Robert Joseph McEachron (age 3 mo.) died.
Apartment 1960-02-11 177 East Ave. Frederick B. "Lambie" Wilson died in fire in his apartment.
Arcade Building 1902-06-09 372-376 Broadway $200,000 - $300,000 5 people died (2nd worst fire for deaths in Sara. Spgs. history.) Destroyed the Saratogian newspaper & its files, U.S. Post Office, Wheeler Post of G.A.R. & its files, Citizens Bank, Theatre Saratoga, Shackelford office. See also St. Nicholas Building and Center House for other fires at this site.
Arcade Building 1966-04-17 372-376 Broadway $100,000 Site of several fires.
Arrowhead Inn 1969-09-27 Arrowhead Rd., Saratoga Lake. Former nightclub & gambling casino.
Artistic Knitting Co. 1944-04-22 12 W. Harrison St. $4,000 Mill
Ash Grove Farm 1954-01-09 Out Church St. $20,000 barn, $10,000 hay, 1 auto. This property has been divided up but was once on both sides of Church St. west of the present day railroad overpass, and extended to Denton Rd. on the north. The southern area is now occupied by Travers Manor condos & homes.
Asian Conservatory Laboratory See Iceland Hotel, also Putnam Place
Auto Supply Store 1948-05-12 87 Henry St. $18,750 Garage, tire, auto & Equipment store, owner Meritt L. Hulett.
Barn 1906-08-15 Covell Avenue (Hogg Hill) One horse, 2-story barn, several wagons Barn owned by Samuel Betts, frame building owned by F. Crandall & C. H. J. Montgomery. Properties partly insured.
Barns 1876-11-28 Hamilton Alley
Ellsworth Row on Henry St.
$8,000 Barns: Hoyt, Andrews, Bishop on Hamilton Alley destroyed. Ellsworth Row (#s 51, 53, 55, 57, 59) on Henry St. badly damaged.
Bay Shore Bar and Restaurant 1965-06-11 Route 9P, Union Ave. west of bridge at Saratoga Lake Complete
Bear Swamp and woods 1804-07-01 Bear Swamp & woods forest fire close to village. Fire took place in "Summer." Specific date is not known. Ignore July 1st date (used to satisfy the computer).
Bedortha Water Cure, 13 other buildings, including Stanwix Hall 1864-07-04 West side of Broadway from New Columbian Hotel to W. Congress St. including Stanwix Hall (hotel). Started by Chinese powder cracker inadvertantly thrown into Bedortha Water Cure.
Benedict's Mill 1868-09-07 E. Side of Henry St. at Caroline St. Mill owner John Benedict lived at what is now 122 Circular St. (NE corner at Caroline St.).
Berlin Building See Wester Auto.
Bostwick Estate 1967-01-13 Myrtle St. Extension, behind Saratoga Hospital. Water damage, hole in roof. Owned by Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Bostwick, summer visitors.
Bostwick Estate 1977-11-16 Myrtle St. Unoccupied, owned by Dr. James Dorsey. Former estate of wealthy racing family (Bostwick). May have been property listed in 1948 city directory under "Johnson, Frederick," & next door to Mrs. Dodge Sloan.
Broadway 1957-01-27 See Mac Finn Drugs
Brook Club 1934-12-31 Out Church St. $225,000 Former posh gambling casino & night club. Previously known as "Bonnie Brook" farm owned by George Saportas. See also Meadowbrook Club.
Building 1865-01-25 NE corner of Bath St. (now approximately Spring St.) and Broadway.
Buildings (5) 1846-06-08 East side of Broadway opposite The United States
$30,000 Buildings owned by Joseph H. Westcott & Horace Fonda.
Burchard's DrugStore 1844-11-22 400-428 Broadway Also listed as A. C. Burchard's Drug Store.
Carlsbad Springs Co. Bottling Plant 1943-07-25 Ballston Ave.
Carriage Factory 1846-12-21 Putnam St. at corner of Caroline St.
Cedar Bluff Hotel 1883-09-11 On Saratoga Lake, N. of County Rd. 71 (Cedar Bluff Rd.) Total
Center House 1853-07-28 Current site of Arcade Building at 376 Broadway. First of many fires at this site. See Arcade, St. Nicholas Building. Center House was erected by Lewis Putnam, son of Gideon Putnam.
Citizens National Bank See St. Nicholas Building
Citizens National Bank Building 1896-04-03 Broadway $11,300 See Durkee's Reminiscences, p. 48.
Clarendon Hotel 1878-11-03 Broadway where Spa Catholic School is located. $10,000 Fire was in the bake shop and under the dining room. Rebuilt.
Clement Building,
Cox Buildings
1867-08-31 328-338 Broadway
322-328 Broadway
Clinton Hotel 1955-07-09 5 Franklin Square "Great damage to interior." Annex was destroyed according to Zoe Flanagan. Police investigated the fire as arson. According to Zoe Ann Coleman & Zoe Flanagan there was a previous fire in the main bldg. in the 1950s before 1955.
Club Toto 1951-11-15 South Union Ave., a few hundred yards north of Newman's Lake House. Also known as Mother Kelly's, Smith's Club Nicholas, Interlaken.
Colonial Tavern 1966-03-21 340-342 Broadway Upstairs was the site of The Aetheneum Library.
Columbian Hotel See also Park Place Hotel
Columbian Hotel 1871-09-13 271 Broadway Complete This was the second of three "Columbian" hotels to burn.
Columbian Hotel & buildings to 446 Broadway 1866-08-07 SE corner of Lake Ave. at Broadway & buildings to 446 Broadway. This was the first of three "Columbian" hotels to burn.
Columbian Hotel, Convention Hall 1965-11-14 271 Broadway & across Broadway Destruction of the third of three hotels named "Columbian&#59;" and of the famed convention site across the street. Fire spread by wind from the Columbian Hotel across Broadway to Convention Hall.
Commodore Hotel 1960-01-15 840 North Broadway $10,000+ Had been converted into apartments.
Comstock Building 1869-10-11 From Caroline St. to Gardner's Lane.
Congress Garage & Storage Warehouse et al 1937-06-04 18-20 Congress St., 40 Congress st. $8,200 Other buildings were Grand Union Annex, Gifford & Hudson Motor.
Congress Hall Hotel See also Congress Spring Bottling House
Congress Hall Hotel 1846-01-22 Broadway at Congress Park & Spring St. (called Bath St. at that time). Partially burned
Congress Hall Hotel 1866-05-30 Between E. Congress St. & Spring St. (Now Congress Park and old library sites). This is the hotel building built by Gideon Putnam. Rebuilt after the fire in French mansard style, then razed in 1912-1913.
Congress Park Hotel See Favorite Spring Building.
Congress Spring Bottling House, Congress Hall 1855-07-19 East side of Broadway at the approximate site of the old library and adjacent Congress Park today. Major part of the hotel was saved.
Congress Spring Bottling & Packing House 1853-05-05 E. Congress St.
Continental Hotel See Kearney & Schweitzer
Convention Hall See Columbian Hotel, Convention Hall.
Convention Hall 1902-08-05 262 Broadway Curtain Walter Bean struck in head by falling iron rod, had severe scalp wound. Curtain, made of light inflammable material, caught fire from "unguarded" footlights. Most of audience had already left.
Cottage Hotel 1889-03-01 95 Church St. Interior
Covent Garden See Pavilion Hotel
Dake's Dry Goods Store et al 1852-02-09 424 & 426 Broadway Also J. J. Esmond Cabinet Shop, Wm. Perry Grocery, Ferdinand H. Fonda Dry Goods.
Darrow Building 1878-06-10 Circular St. (between Temple Grove Seminary & residence of Gen. E. F. Bullard Carpenter shop, carriage house, & stable; Horse, buggy, cutter, robes of Mr.Collamer insured for $290.00.
Darrow's Mill 1858-08-01 Congress St.
Darrow's Planing & Turning Mill 1856-02-28 Center & Ash Streets $7,000 John H. Darrow, owner.
Dehn's Greenhouses 1982-12-29 Behind Beekman St., along Walworth Street at rear of Dehn's property. $100,000
Destroyed 2 greenhouses, damaged 10.
Dr. Strong's Prospect Mansion Eclectical Institute 1856-12-22 Broadway at William St.
Drink Hall 1975-12-18 Broadway, SW corner of Congress St. Smoke & water damage to City Chamber of commerce offices. See also 1/16/76.
Drink Hall 1976-01-16 Broadway, SW corner of Congress St. Damage to Community Relations Bureau & City Chamber of Commerce offices. See also 12/18/75.
Drink Hall, NYS (formerly Hathorn Drink Hall) 1937-05-01 15 Spring St., corner of Putnam St. North wing
Eagles Club 1976-02-10 92 Pavillion Place
Eddy, Daniel & Sons Feed Barns 1932-12-07 257 East Ave. $12,000 First of many fires at this site - all hay & feed supply barns.
Eddy, Daniel & Sons Feed Barns 1934-08-20 257 East Ave.
Elks Club Barn & 2-lane Bowling Alley 1959-04-21 73-75 Woodlawn Ave.
Elks Club IBPOE of World Lodge 1966-05-07 90 Congress St. $50,000
Elks Club IBPOE of World
W. Frederick Allen Lodge 609
1986-01-09 69 Beekman St.
Ellsworth Ice Cream Warehouse 1973-08-22 120 Division Street $45,000
Esmond Furniture Factory et al 1851-05-19 Factory on Putnam St., Perry Bldg. at 8-12 Maple Ave., Flat Rock Spring colonade on Lake Ave. & Front St. (now Maple Ave.) Fire included the furniture factory, Van Kuren House, Perry Building, Colonade of Flat Rock Spring.
Exchange Building 1870-02-13 408-412 1/2 Broadway
Exchange Hotel, Village Hall & many more 1868-08-31 Exchange Hotel was on the corner of Putnam and Spring Streets.
Favorite Spring Building, Congress Park Hotel, YMCA 1899-07-19 West Congress St. & Broadway
Figelman Junkyard 1973-06-07 77 Franklin Street, also 75 Franklin St. (apt.) 3 fireman & 1 woman injured
Gardner Building 1873-01-13 SE corner Gardner's Lane & Broadway
Gifford & Hudson Motor See Congress Garage
Grand Central Hotel 1874-10-01 SW corner of Broadway & West Congress St. Hotel was built in 1872-1873.
Grand Gift Shop See Western Auto
Grand Union Annex See CONGRESS GARAGE
Greenwich Rooming House, The 1939-10-04 52 Lincoln Ave. Damaged.
Griffith Hall Science Building, 4th floor lab 1959-12-12 NE corner of Union Ave. at Circular St., old Skidmore Campus.
H. E. Spaulding's Carriage Factory 1876-09-09 Spring Ave. (now High Rock Ave.) Destroyed.
Hammond's Lumber Mill 1918-02-01 S. Federal St. as indicated by City Directory. Firefighter book states that this mill was on High Rock Ave.
Hathorn #1 Spring concession building 1984-12-11 Spring & Putnam Streets And a rash of other "arson" fires.
Hays Candy Store 1905-12-23 425 Broadway $9,500 including stock of candy & cigars.
Homer Filling Station See Maple Ave. Garage
Homes 1927-12-20 Ash & Beekman Streets. $70,000
Buildings, autos, furnishings.
Hotel Woodland 1949-09-12 106 Regent St. 1 man died.
House 14 Lafayette St. Date unknown, perhaps in 1980s or 1990s.
House 1934-08-06 11 Aletta St. 2 men killed by smoke in tightly closed room.
House 1946-01-15 20 Cowen St. 1 man critically burned.
House 1946-07-09 193 Union Ave. Water damage, fire in attic, roof & supports. Owner Samuel Rosoff. This location is now the site of the National Museum of Racing.
House 1946-07-30 130 George St. George Rowland Jr. burned to death in upstairs room.
House 1952-08-19 Gilbert Road "just off Lake Ave." Complete Former house of prostitution which had been locked for 2 or 3 years, unoccupied. Owned by Joseph S. Regan, Jr. Woodmere, N. J.
House 1952-12-19 57 Madison Street 1 killed.
House 1953-01-14 Maple Dell Owner Wm. A. Hennessey & his 4 children lost all their belongings. Minor burns to owner. Mr. Hennessey had been superintendent of The Humane Society.
House 1962-02-11 694 North Broadway $50,000 Mansion converted to apartments, also had been a nursing home. Building was originally built for the Lester family.
House 1966-12-04 35 Second St. Dr. Neil Rogers killed.
House 1970-01-11 141 Lake Ave. Santo Flavia killed.
House 1974-01-05 146 Caroline St. Queen Anne style Victorian house.
House 1980-05-12 125 Phila St. 1 woman killed.
House 1991-04-28 116 Church St. Arthur Morehouse killed. Two injured. "Careless smoking."
House, "Putnam Place" 1890-12-03 Out Seward St. $75,000 Home of John Risley Putnam. See vertical file, "People: Putnam" for a description of the fire.
Iceland Hotel 1973-04-15 Seward St. (See also Putnam Place) Same location as "Putnam Place." At the time of this fire it was the Asian Conservation Laboratory. Now site of Birch Run Condominiums. Original site of Gideon Putnam's log cabin home.
Interlaken 1885-06-01 Saratoga Lake
Jamesway Dept. Store 1989-04-22 West Ave. at Washington St. Cause unknown. Fire discovered in toy section.
Jefferson Hotel 1964-11-07 Crescent Ave. opposite the entrance to Saratoga Raceway. "Long closed," unable to find in the city directories. Once owned by Demorest & Curtis families as home called "Orchard Lawn Grove." Converted to hotel "about 25 years" before the fire.
Jewish Community Center 1975-10-22 260 Broadway Heavy damage to main hall, smoke & water damage throughout 1st floor. Former Pompeia, House of Pansa.
Kaye's Pharmacy 1986-05-19 154 Lake Ave.
Kearney Block 1955-04-12 35-37 Caroline St. 2 adults & 5 children in Abeel family, & 1 guest child died, total 8. One vital door was nailed shut. This fire is the worst casualty fire in Saratoga Springs history.
Kearney & Schweitzer Plumbing, former Continental Hotel 1958-08-20 Corner Washington St. & E. Beekman St. $200,000 Arson during possible robbery.
Lake House 1846-12-13 Saratoga Lake Owned by George C. Loomis.
Lane's Storage Warehouse 1918-03-03 30 Woodlawn Ave.
Lincoln Bathhouse (old) 1928-03-15 South Broadway, site of current Lincoln Bathhouse Building was being remodeled. Lack of water pressure hindered efforts and building could not be saved.
Mac Finn Drugs, Palace Recreation et al 1957-01-27 396-418 Broadway $2,000,000; destroyed 1 block of Broadway. Policeman Fred Pettitt was killed. Also destroyed Saratoga Men's Shop, Endicott-Johnson Shoes, Liggett Drugs, Starbuck's Dept. Store, F. W. Woolworth. This fire is the highest is dollar loss in Saratoga Springs.
Maple Ave. Garage 1951-04-06 211 Maple Ave. & nearby area Also Homer Filling Station; 4 bldgs. on Catherine St. & 2 on Maple Ave. damaged as fire spread. The Maple Ave. Garage was formerly Saratoga Ice Co. which cut natural ice from Loughberry Lake.
Marvin Row Marvin House See United States Hotel
Masonic Temple See Pamsa, House of
McNeary barn 1882-09-30 Little Beekman St. (now East Beekman St.) $6,225. Also Continental Hotel barns, other houses damaged.
Meadowbrook Club 1959-05-12 Out Union Ave. $50,000 Also called The "Brook" Club, a former nightclub & gambling casino. Not to be confused with "The Brook Club" out Church St. which burned in 1934 (see).
Mineral Hotel Annex 1939-01-13 44 Maple Ave. Damaged.
Moon's Lakehouse Restaurant 1983-02-08 Out Union Ave. Site of original Moon's Lakehouse where tradition says that potato chips were invented.
Morey Tannery 1867-10-24 N. Side of Lake Ave. between Maple Ave. & High Rock Ave.
New Commercial Garage 1925-12-24 "Church and Woodlawn"
$100,000 (36 automobiles) This firm was not found in the 1924, 1925 or 1926 city directories.
Newman's Lake House 1911-01-12 South Union Ave. Durkee's Reminiscences P. 60 - "considerable damage" 6:45 p.m. Old house adjacent to restaurant burned.
NYS Police Barracks 1949-01-15 NYS Reservation (The Spa) $100,000 Reputedly had beautiful wood paneling in horse stables.
Pallette Stone Corp. asphalt plant 1990-09-24 Rt. 29, Out Washington St.
Pansa, House of, including
Masonic Temple
1926-12-24 260 Broadway Furnishings & "House of Pansa" items. Had been rebuilt. Later used as Jewish Community Center. Now as Design Center.
Park Place Hotel
Columbian Hotel
1871-09-13 Broadway. Park Place Hotel was opposite Congress Spring Park. Columbian Hotel was S. of Park Place Hotel. Note: on 10/8/1871 two of the worst fires in American history occurred - one was Chicago, and the other was Peshtigo, WI. The Chicago fire destroyed 17,000 buildings and killed 250. Peshtigo was rural, burned 1.28 million acres of timberland, killed 1
Pavilion Hotel &
Covent Garden
1843-10-11 Block of Broadway from Lake Ave. to Grove St. & Maple Avenue. Covent Garden was a "Pleasure ground" (Durkee p. 120) where Algonquin Apts. are, SE corner of Bdwy. corner of Grove St. The bldg. was for entertainments.
Pennell's Restaurant 1989-02-23 284 Jefferson St. Extensive damage to kitchen, heavy smoke damage to dining room & bar. Reopened July 1989.
Piping Rock Nightclub 1954-08-17 Out Union Ave., corner Gilbert Rd. Assessed for $50,000. Former night club & gambling casino.
Pompeia See Pansa, House of
Presbyterian - New England Congregational Church 1976-01-29 496 Broadway $500,000 Complete loss Included a newly installed organ. Cause never determined.
Quevic Vichy Plant 1966-03-02 Excelsior Park on Excelsior Springs Ave. Explosion.
Railroad Depot (D&H), Sweeney's Hotel 1899-02-09 Railroad Place. Hotel was across the street from the depot. 1 or 2 deaths? This was Depot #4.
Railroad Depot; its machine shop, Robert Gridley's billiard room, 5 bowling alleys 1843-03-14 Marvin Square (near Franklin Square) 1 or 2 deaths? Hotel was across the street from the depot. This was the 2nd depot.
Republican Headquarters See TRIANGLE SHOE STORE
Rose Inn & Annex 59-63 Spring St. $10,000 - $20,000 damage "Season of 1926."
Rose Inn & Annex 1927-12-13 59-63 Spring St. $3,000-$4,000
Rose Inn & Annex 1928-03-05 59-63 Spring St. Insured for $97,000. Built in 1883 (apt. house) by Webster C. Moriarta. Once called "The Moriarta" by Mrs. Webster Curran Moriarta.
Rose Inn & Annex 1928-03-06 59-63 Spring St. $97,000 Hotel.
Saratoga Furniture House 1901-02-21 48-50 Spring St. $30,000 Rented as warehouse by Geo. H. Slyter; formerly "The Casino" building on south side of Spring St, opposite Henry St. As "The Casino" (not the Canfield Casino in Congress Park), it had toboggan slide, carousel, & bicycle academy.
Saratoga Hospital 1965-09-18 211 Church St. Fireman Thomas Cummings killed when aerial ladder fell.
Saratoga House, The 1876-11-23 58 Putnam St. "Badly damaged"; $1,000 - $1,400 loss.
Saratoga Ice Co. See Schrade's Florist, also Maple Ave. Garage
Saratoga Industries (Paint shop wing) 1957-12-02 233 Ballston Ave., corner Congress Ave.
Saratoga Plastics Inc. 1948-08-07 11 State St. $60,000 Box factory - made a spectacular blaze.
Saratoga Raceway See Stables
Saratoga Spa Garage & Laundry 1947-02-10 NYS Reservation at rear of Washington Bathhouse. $100,000 estimated. Caused by acetylene torch in garage.
Saratoga Springs High School 1923-10-27 60 Lake Ave. Complete Site of present fire house on Lake Ave. For a description of the fire see the Nov. 1923 "High School Recorder."
Saratoga Sulphur & Mud Baths 1958-10-28 Eureka Park (out Eureka Ave.) $30,000 - $40,000
Saratoga Wallpaper Manufacturing Co. & houses 1958-05-07 23-25 Park St; houses at 21 & 27 Park St.
Schildkraut Hotel 1927-09-17 534 Broadway Explosions blasted out windows, gutted rear portion of hotel.
Schrade's Florist, YMCA, Saratoga Ice Co. 1867-02-02 437-447 Broadway
Shackleford Building 1925-08-15 348-360 Broadway $50,000. See comments. See comments. Byron W. Stanford, Thomas H. Fennell slightly injured. Fireman John J. Gillespy overcome with smoke. Stores damaged were Service Appliance Co., Ensign's, Myrodes Candy Shop, Wells Drug Store, Clement's Hat Store.
Shackleford Building 1925-08-17
Skidmore College 1976-04-05 Wilmarth Dormitory 1 student killed
Smith's Interlaken 1970-03-14 South Union Ave. at Lake Lonely Former gambling casino.
Spa Motel 1957-09-04 73 Ballston Ave.
St. Christina's Home/Hospital 1972-06-11 119 Ballston Ave. Complete Site was soon to become the location of a strip stores, including K-Mart & Price Chopper super market.
St. George Inn 1959-06-29 573 North Broadway $20,000
St. Nicholas Building, Citizens National Bank 1869-03-21 Approximately north corner of Phila St. & Broadway. See also Arcade Building.
Stable 1953-09-04 Bowman St. north of North Horsemen's Gate. 5 horses killed. $7,000+
Stable 13 1952-08-30 Saratoga Race Track. Empty. One of the oldest buildings at the track.
Stables 1955-07-27 Oklahoma Training Track. See also 7/28/1955. $20,000 A nine-stall stable in the NE corner of the Oklahoma Training Track. This and stable fire at Saratoga Race Track on 7/27/1955 were separate fires. Arson was suspected.
Stables 1955-07-28 Saratoga Race Track. See also 7/27/1955. $30,000 to $40,000 Barns 58 and 59 destroyed, one other damaged. This and Oklahoma Training Track fire on 7/27/1955 were two separate fires. Arson was suspected.
Stables 1961-10-07 Saratoga Raceway Barn Y. $150,000 21 horses killed.
Stables 1969-06-05 Saratoga Raceway Barn J (behind Pennell's Restaurant. $500,000 43 horses killed. 25 horses from Harold Story's stable, 10 from Charles Peckham's stable, 8 from Harold White.
Stewart's Ice Cream Co., Inc. 1956-05-13 Out Church St. $100,000
South Hall or Stoneleigh 1937-12-20 2 Union Ave., SE corner of Union Ave. and Circular St. Insured for $100,000, Former Douglas W. Mabee home used as a dormitory for freshmen by Skidmore College. The stone wall at site today is from Mabee estate. See There's No Harm in Laughing by Frank Sullivan, p. 93 for description of fire.
Terwilliger, B., Building 1865-08-01 360-362 Broadway Hardware store.
Thomas' lake house (formerly Moon's) 1893-05-10 Saratoga Lake Totally destroyed. 6/5/1893 "Work begun on new lake house at Moon's to replace burned structure."
Thorobred Feed & Supply Co. 1951-08-26 257 East Ave. See also Eddy, Daniel & Sons. $14,000 Site of many fires.
Thorobred Feed & Supply Co. 1953-08-28 257 East Ave. See also Eddy, Daniel & Sons. Office, apartment upstairs, hay. Site of many fires.
Thorobred Feed & Supply Co. 1959-08-14 257 East Ave. See also Eddy, Daniel & Sons. Barn & offices, $100,000. Site of many fires.
Triangle Shoe Store, Republican Headquarters 1976-02-24 424-428 Broadway
Triangle Diner 1965-09-22 Maple Ave. at Marion Ave. $40,000
Triangle Diner 1969-01-08 Maple Ave. at Marion Ave. $50,000
Trice-Juron Automotive 1970-12-29 Congress St. corner of Hamilton St.
United States Hotel 1945-09-22 Broadway at Division St. Damage to upper floors of Division St. wing. Hotel was being razed.
United States Hotel, Marvin Row et al 1865-06-18 Broadway at Divison St. Many other buildings as well. Fire spread from the U. S. Hotel to Marvin Row, etc.
Walton Row 1846-08-27 East side Broadway at the corner of Caroline St.
Wash House 1852-03-19 Corner of Lake Ave. & Broadway Former site of Pavilion Hotel, now site of City Hall.
Western Auto, Grand Gift Shop, Ambassador Tavern 1966-08-25 336 Broadway
334 Broadway
330 Broadway
All were in the Berlin Bldg.
White House Hotel 1965-12-27 17 Woodlawn Ave.
White Sulphur Springs Restaurant 1962-10-16 Rt. 9P Saratoga Lake (Town of Stillwater) $100,000 Former site of the White Sulphur Springs Hotel.
Whitney, C. V.; home 1985-12-16 Cady Hill Library Room
Woodbridge Hotel 1958-02-26 179 Broadway $80,000
Woodlawn Estate 1948-03-31 Woodlawn Park on Clement Ave. 6 out of 7 buildings Grass fire destroyed most of the buildings of the former estate of Judge Henry Hilton, now the site of Skidmore College campus.
Woodlawn mansion 1955-09-02 Woodlawn Park Last mansion at Woodlawn estate of Judge Henry Hilton.
Worden Inn (also called New Worden Inn) 1961-07-26 413 Broadway $100,000, destroyed 3 valuable murals in basement bar, heavy damage to 1st floor. 3 firemen injured. Murals by Byack: Travers race of 1920 with Man O'War winning, original Worden Inn, High Rock Spring. Building demolished in 1963.
Yaddo Mansion (original) 1891-03-09 Union Ave. Complete. Owned by Spencer & Katrina Trask. Date is not confirmed. Almanac for 1892 lists date as March 9th; also see Durkee's Reminiscences p. 37. All other sources state just "1891."
YMCA 1800-01-01 See Favorite Spring Building, also Schrade's Florist Year is incorrect. To be researched.
York Ave. Grill 1966-01-17 91 York Ave.
Arrowhead Hotel "Roadhouse" 1912-05-08 Saratoga Lake $50,000 10:00 a.m.
King's Tavern 2001-07-06 241 Union Ave., Saratoga Springs Gutted, especially in the rear
Arrowhead 1912-05-08 Saratoga Lake $50,000 loss Owner Harry M. Levengston
Pitney, J. W. Grocery Store 1871-05-23 Browdway opposite Division St. $7,000 - $8,000 loss Also F. T. Hill & Co. Drugstore - heavy water loss
Scribner Hall 1940-06-20 90 Circular St. Skidmore decided that the damages were enough to demolish it and build Father's Hall in its place in 1951. Formerly Dr. Sylvester Strong's Sanitarium
Putnam Building 1875-11-02 Broadway, opposite United States Hotel Mrs. Rockwell Putnam's insurance on the building was for $3,000. Included W. H. Walker Shoe Store & dwelling&#59; C. E. Gates, Druggist&#59; E. R. Waterbury, Jeweler.
W. H. Walker Shoe Store & dwelling 1875-11-02 Broadway See Putnam Building
Gates, C. E., Druggist 1875-11-02 Broadway, Putnam Building $6,000 loss in drugs and fixtures See Putnam Building
Ryall's Beach House Tavern 1964-01-05 Saratoga Lake Destroyed tavern and bath house
First Methodist Episcopal Church 1903-12-27 25 Washington St. $18,000-$20,000 damage to southwest corner of building. For 6 months, services were held in the Town Hall Theatre.
Riley's Lake House 1931-10-09 Saratoga Lake Built in 1886 by Jim Riley, oarsman
Rose Cottage 1927-05-17 67 Caroline St. $2,500 - $3,000 damages Believed caused by explosives
House 1876-11-23 58 Putnam St. $1,000 - $1,400 loss Badly gutted