Saratoga's History Room Databases

Welcome to the Saratoga Room Database main page. Please select a database to view information we have available. Some databases are reference to full sources within our library, please see the Saratoga Room staff for further information.

Note: Some databases contain a large amount of data and we do not yet have a search feature. Be prepared for a large page.
19th Century Architecture
An index to buildings discussed in The Nineteenth Century Architecture of Saratoga Springs: 19th Century Architecture Worth Saving in New York State by Prokopoff and Siegfried, indicating street address, building, and page number in the book.
Notable Fires
Historical data about notable fires in Saratoga Springs involving prominent buildings, large losses, or loss of life. Not all fires are included.
McClellan Collection
This is an index to Dr. Walter S. McClellan's Scrapbooks that are primarily about the formation and operation of the Saratoga Spa from 1931 through 1954, and other events in Saratoga Springs and the area during that time. The dates indicated are dates of newspaper articles in the McClellan Scrapbooks.
A list of unique Saratoga nicknames of the mid 20th century.
This database contains an index to Print Collection in The Saratoga Room; many from Harper's or Leslie's newspapers.
Saratogian Scrapbook
This is an index to a compilation of history columns written by Saratoga Springs city historians or others. This database is a quick reference lookup for the actual scrapbooks in the Saratoga Room displaying the article itself. This database will give the date (page number) from the scrapbook where the related story/stories can be found.