Downloadable Audiobooks, eBooks, and Magazines

How do I use Library eBooks, Downloadable Audiobooks, and Digital Magazines?

You can use library eBooks and downloadable Audiobooks on your home computer, Kindle, iPad, tablet and other devices. For device-specific instructions, please visit our guide, Using Libby to Borrow eBooks and Audiobooks.

What is a Downloadable Audiobook?!

For some people, reading a book is not the quickest way for them to absorb the material. The library system has partnered with OverDrive, the company behind Libby, to provide those of you who prefer to listen to a story rather than read it, a chance to download an audio recording of select books, rather than having to come in and find a physical copy of a book on our shelves. There are some requirements for its use, and you may check this and more information by viewing Libby's information on Downloadable Audiobooks.

What is an eBook?!

For other people reading a book is their preferred method of absorbing the material, but prefer not to leave the comfort of their home to get access to a selection of books. Also in partnership with OverDrive, we are able to offer eBooks - an electronic (typed) version of a printed book. The books can simply be downloaded and read on a computer screen. There are some requirements for its use as well, and you may check this and further information by viewing Libby's information on eBooks.

Short List of Requirements

  • A PC with either a Windows' based Operating System, Apple OSX, or a mobile device (Google Android or Apple iOS)
  • Windows Media Player v9 or greater, or iTunes or newer
  • An internet connection
  • An active library card to access the service that is in good standing and has less than $10 in fines
  • An email account to know when any books you've placed on hold are ready

Many mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) can also be used with this service instead of - or in combination with - a PC or Apple computer.

For additional help, please try using our handy guide on using Libby.

You do not have to use the catalog to find a downloadable audiobook. You also can proceed directly to our service to search for and download audiobooks!