Programs for Children and their Families

Popular Children's Room Programs
Our annual Gingerbread House Workshop program

The Children's Room of the Saratoga Springs Public Library is pleased to offer several types of programs for children and families. Program brochures are are now published four times a year. Interested in looking ahead? Each brochure usually covers the following months:

  • FALL: September, October, November
  • WINTER: December, January, February
  • SPRING: March, April, May
  • SUMMER: June, July, August

(Brochures are available in some local schools, doctor's offices, and community agencies. They are also available in the library and online.)

The following is a sampling of programs typically offered Fall through Spring:

Babies & Toddlers

  • Library Babies (ages 24 months or under with a caregiver)
  • Parent/Child Workshops (ages 12 months - 36 months)
  • Toddler Storytime (ages 24-42 months with a caregiver)


  • Preschool Stortyimes (ages 42 months-5 years)

Elementary School

  • After School Workshops (usually grades K-2 or 3-5)
  • Saratoga Reads Junior Discussion (grades 4-6; offered in the winter)

Family Programs & Performances

  • Special performances and programs for the whole family (usually weekends and school vacations)


Programs usually include topics such as: support groups for children with special needs, managing behavioral issues, college information programs, baby massage, etc. Parenting programs are not offered during the summer months.

Children's, Teens, and Parenting Programs are also listed in the Calendar of Events.

Ages and Stages - Programs for Children Age 5 and Under

You may wonder why we break down some programs into months and some into ages in the early years. Especially for the first 18 months of life, children develop so rapidly that milestones for development are often talked about in terms of months. After about 24 months of age, children continue to develop linguistic, behavioral and social-emotional skills on a regular basis, just a bit less rapidly than those first 24 months. As such, many parents, doctors and teachers will begin referring to children in years rather than months after this time period. So - if you are wondering why some of our programs are listed as being designed for a certain number of months or years of age, this is why!

Caregivers and Literacy: Babies - Toddler Programs

Children under the age of 3.5 often need caregiver help with self-regulation of behavior and emotion. At this age, caregiver involvement is also crucial to model behavior and to help children develop language and social skills. It is for this reason that we require caregivers in these programs to be actively involved in participating with the children they care for. In a group setting, this is especially important as young children can easily be distracted by the behavior of other children. In order to ensure that program presenters can focus on presenting enjoyable stories and activities for the whole group, we rely on caregivers to help reinforce and model group behavior for the enjoyment of all.

Preschool Programs and Family Engagement

We offer several programs for preschool age children and their families. Preschool storytime is a 30 minute program where children ages 3.5 - 5 can come into a group setting independently of their caregivers. Storytimes often include stories read aloud and simple songs and activities with simple instructions that are geared towards preschool age children. Other programs require more instruction, more movement, and therefore more caregiver involvement. In these programs, caregivers are asked to actively participate in the program along with the child in their care. In addition to being a fun way for caregivers to spend time in an enjoyable activity with the children they care for, these family engagement programs also serve to foster learning through the caregiver-child interaction. Studies have shown this adult-child engagement to be immensely important in early learning and growth.

Thank you! We aim to offer a program for every age and stage. If you have any questions or are uncertain about what programs are right for you and your children, please let us know and we will be happy to help you find a fit that is just right for you and those you care for.