Awesome Books for 1st Graders

1st Grade Reading Suggestions

  1. book cover
    Hi! Fly Guy
    by Tedd Arnold
    star rating 30 pages
  2. book cover
    Monkeys and the Universe
    by Kate Banks, Tomek Bogacki
    star rating 48 pages
  3. book cover
    How to Drive Your Sister Crazy
    by Diane Z. Shore, Laura Rankin

    A younger brother offers detailed advice on how to annoy older sisters.

    star rating 48 pages
  4. book cover
    Luke Skywalker's Amazing Story
    by Simon Beecroft
    star rating 32 pages
  5. book cover
    by Maribeth Boelts, Donald Wu
    star rating 48 pages
  6. book cover
    Arthur Goes to Camp
    by Marc Tolon Brown
    star rating 32 pages
  7. book cover
    Hoedown Showdown
    by Kelli Chipponeri, Vince DePorter, Barry Goldberg

    Things get out of hand at the Bikini Bottom Rodeo when the square dancers misinterpret SpongeBob's calls and begin fighting instead of dancing.

    star rating 32 pages
  8. book cover
    Dirk Bones and the Mystery of the Missing Books
    by Doug Cushman
    star rating 32 pages
  9. book cover
    Iron Man: I Am Iron Man!
    by Lisa Rao

    Tony Stark has been left a fortune by his father and decides to invent a suit of iron which allows him to fly and rescue people in need.

    star rating 32 pages
  10. book cover
    Creepy Customers
    by Samantha Hay, Sarah Warburton
    star rating 46 pages
  11. book cover
    Benny and Penny in the Toy Breaker
    by Geoffrey Hayes

    When their cousin Bo comes to visit, Benny and Penny hide their toys and try to go on a treasure hunt without him, but Bo will not stop pestering them.

    star rating 32 pages
  12. book cover
    Sammy the Seal
    by Syd Hoff

    Originally published in 1959, this celebrated tale presents the story of a very special seal and his great adventures in the big city. Simultaneous.

    star rating 64 pages
  13. book cover
    by Joan Holub
    star rating 32 pages
  14. book cover
    Bird's Best Friend
    by Apple Jordan
    star rating 32 pages
  15. book cover
    Take a Hike, Snoopy!
    by Charles M. Schulz, Judy Katschke, Peter Lo Bianco
    star rating 32 pages
  16. book cover
    Snack Attack
    by Stephen Krensky, Stacy Curtis
    star rating 32 pages
  17. book cover
    The Messiest Room on the Planet
    by Nan Walker, Monica Kulling
    star rating 32 pages
  18. book cover
    The Ugly Egg
    by Lou Kuenzler
    star rating 48 pages
  19. book cover
    Ling & Ting: Not Exactly the Same
    by Grace Lin
    star rating 48 pages
  20. book cover
    Frog and toad are friends
    by Arnold Lobel
    star rating 64 pages
  21. book cover
    Mouse tales
    by Arnold Lobel

    At bedtime, seven little mouse brothers beg for a story. Papa Mouse agrees to tell not one, but seven stories ...

    star rating 61 pages
  22. book cover
    Ready for Kindergarten, Stinky Face?
    by Lisa McCourt, Cyd Moore

    A mother reassures her son when he imagines increasingly silly things that might go wrong on his first day of kindergarten.

    star rating 32 pages
  23. book cover
    Daisy Jane, Best-Ever Flower Girl
    by Megan McDonald
    star rating 48 pages
  24. book cover
    Pearl and Wagner
    by Kate McMullan
    star rating 40 pages
  25. book cover
    Katie in the Kitchen
    by Fran Manushkin

    Katie wants to be helpful, and so she starts making dinner on her own.

    star rating 24 pages
  26. book cover
    On the Way to the Pond
    by Angela Shelf Medearis, Lorinda Bryan Cauley

    While going on a picnic together, Herbert Hippo teases Tess Tiger about all of the things she has brought along, until he learns just how important they can be.

    star rating 32 pages
  27. book cover
    Lucy's Quiet Book
    by Angela Shelf Medearis

    When the children's librarian gives Lucy a book that helps her quiet her noisy brothers, Lucy learns the power of a story.

    star rating 24 pages
  28. book cover
    Joe and Sparky Get New Wheels
    by Jamie Michalak

    When they see a car sitting unoccupied at the cageless zoo where they live, adventurous Joe the giraffe convinces shy Sparky the turtle to go for a ride and ...

    star rating 38 pages
  29. book cover
    Arabian Horses
    by Erin Monahan

    "A brief introduction to the characteristics, life cycle, and uses of the Arabian horse breed"--Provided by publisher.

    star rating 24 pages
  30. book cover
    Let's Play Soccer
    by Patricia J. Murphy

    Photographs combine with lively illustrations and engaging, age-appropriate stories in DK Readers, a multilevel reading program guaranteed to capture ...

    star rating 32 pages
  31. book cover
    Fancy Nancy: Poison Ivy Expert
    by Jane O'Connor, Robin Preiss Glasser, Ted Enik

    A young girl who uses fancy words and considers herself practically a poison ivy expert learns a valuable (and itchy) lesson about the plant after picking a ...

    star rating 32 pages
  32. book cover
    Spiders' Secrets
    by Richard Platt
    star rating 48 pages
  33. book cover
    Over the Moon!
    by Hilary Robinson

    The cat and the cow want to jump over the Moon. But it is so high, and the little dog cannot stop laughing! Maybe the cat has a plan...

    star rating 23 pages
  34. book cover
    Annie and Snowball and the Teacup Club
    by Cynthia Rylant, Suçie Stevenson
    star rating 40 pages
  35. book cover
    Detective Dinosaur Undercover
    by James Skofield, R. W. Alley

    In three brief mysteries, the bumbling but big-hearted Detective Dinosaur learns about doing undercover work, gets chased by strange blobs and finds rain on a ...

    star rating 48 pages
  36. book cover
    Rooster's Alarm
    by Ian Smith, Sean Julian

    "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" cried the sheep, waking up the animals who were still asleep. What happened to rooster?

    star rating 23 pages
  37. book cover
    Snow Games
    by Anastasia Suen

    Robot and Rico use sleds, skiis, and tubes to enjoy the new snow.

    star rating 31 pages
  38. book cover
    Beans Baker's Best Shot
    by Rich Torrey
    star rating 48 pages
  39. book cover
    Alien Alby
    by Kaye Umansky, Sophie Rohrbach
    star rating 48 pages
  40. book cover
    The Pumpkin Mystery
    by Carol Wallace
    star rating 40 pages
  41. book cover
    Mouse and Mole, Fine Feathered Friends
    by Wong Herbert Yee

    When spring arrives, Mole and Mouse find a unique way to bird watch.

    star rating 48 pages
  42. book cover
    Young Cam Jansen and the Speedy Car Mystery
    by David A. Adler

    Cam Jansen uses her photographic memory at the school Green Fair to solve a mystery involving a missing electric car.

    star rating 30 pages
  43. book cover
    Buzz Boy and Fly Guy
    by Tedd Arnold

    Buzz creates a comic book that features Buzz Boy and Fly Guy as the superheroes.

    star rating 28 pages
  44. book cover
    Rex and Lilly Family Time
    by Laurene Krasny Brown

    Easy-to-read short stories about the family adventures of brother and sister dinosaurs, Rex and Lilly.

    star rating 32 pages
  45. book cover
    by Melissa Stewart

    Introduces robots and the science behind these amazing machines, including a historic timeline of robot development, common jobs robots perform in the workplace and at home, and robots of the future.

    star rating 48 pages
  46. book cover
    Biscuit Loves the Library
    by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

    It's Read to a Pet Day at the library! There are so many fun things to see and do! Biscuit plays with story-time puppets, visits with friends, and listens to recorded books. Before he goes, a librarian helps him find the activity that he loves most of all. Biscuit Loves the Library is a My First I Can Read book, which means it's perfect for shared reading with a child. The easy-to-read, joyful tale of Biscuit—everyone's favorite little yellow puppy—will help cultivate a love of books and libraries in children who are learning to read.

    star rating 32 pages
  47. book cover
    Funny Lunch
    by Caleb Burroughs

    Max Spaniel is chef at his own diner, where he serves up a variety of tasty meals.

    star rating 40 pages
  48. book cover
    Imagine Harry
    by Kate Klise, M. Sarah Klise

    After Little Rabbit starts school, he sees less and less of his invisible friend, Harry, and finally tells his mother that Harry moved away.

    star rating 32 pages
  49. book cover
    Pearl and Wagner
    by Kate McMullan

    When Wagner's eye test shows that he needs glasses, it takes him a little while--and some help from his friends--to adjust to his new look.

    star rating 42 pages
  50. book cover
    Counting Crows
    by Kathi Appelt

    Help hungry crows avoid a feline foe in this clever concept book from the author of The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp and The Underneath. One, two, three, crows in a tree, bedecked in red scarves and hungry as can be. So they fly out of their nest with snacking in mind, and snack they do. Snack one, snack two, snack three—all the way to a dozen! But before they have time to complain about bellyaches, they have a bigger problem: a cat has been eyeing them…as potential snacks! Can these well-fed crows become well-FLED crows? Read and find out in this counting book from Newbery Finalist and two-time National Book Award Nominee Kathi Appelt, with spot-on illustrations from Rob Dunlavey. It’s the cat’s meow!

    star rating 40 pages
  51. book cover
    Score One for the Sloths
    by Helen Lester

    Sparky, a new energetic student at a sloth school, saves her lazy classmates when a wild boar from a government agency tries to shut the school down.

    star rating 32 pages
  52. book cover
    Henry and Mudge and the Tumbling Trip
    by Cynthia Rylant, Suçie Stevenson

    Henry's family is going on vacation -- to the Wild West! Henry and Mudge love the Wild West. There are cowboy hats and boots, deserts and canyons, and souvenir shops where Henry can buy pencils and magnets and even a snow globe with a cowboy inside. And there are lots of tumbleweeds for Mudge to chase. But as much fun as the Wild West is, Henry discovers that he and Mudge can have just as much fun back home.

    star rating 40 pages
  53. book cover
    Splat the Cat: Twice the Mice
    by Rob Scotton

    Splat gets to meet Seymour's brother, Brice, in this fun-filled I Can Read book from New York Times bestselling author-artist Rob Scotton. Splat is thrilled when he finds out that Seymour's brother is coming to visit. Splat even stays up all night planning ways to impress his new friend. Although Splat's big surprise takes a calamitous turn, everyone ends up having even more fun than they expected! Beginning readers will practice the -ice sound in this easy-to-read addition to the Splat series. Splat the Cat: Twice the Mice is a Level One I Can Read book, which means it's perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences.

    star rating 32 pages
  54. book cover
    Waiting Is Not Easy! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)
    by Mo Willems

    Gerald is careful. Piggie is not. Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can. Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to. Gerald and Piggie are best friends. In Waiting Is Not Easy!, Piggie has a surprise for Gerald, but he is going to have to wait for it. And Wait. And wait some more...

    star rating 64 pages