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  1. book cover
    Bless Me, Ultima
    by Rudolfo Anaya

    Stories filled with wonder and the haunting beauty of his culture have helped make Rudolfo Anaya the father of Chicano literature in English, and his tales fairly shimmer with the lyric richness of his prose. Acclaimed in both Spanish and English, Anaya is perhaps best loved for his classic bestseller ... Antonio Marez is six years old when Ultima comes to stay with his family in New Mexico. She is a curandera, one who cures with herbs and magic. Under her wise wing, Tony will test the bonds that tie him to his people, and discover himself in the pagan past, in his father's wisdom, and in his mother's Catholicism. And at each life turn there is Ultima, who delivered Tony into the world-and will nurture the birth of his soul. (68,000 words)

    star rating 336 pages
  2. book cover
    The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love
    by Oscar Hijuelos

    It's 1949 and two young Cuban musicians make their way up from Havana to the big arena of New York, where they are workers by day, stars of dance halls by night. Hijuelos's marvelous portrait of the Castillo brothers, their families, their fellow musicians and lovers, their triumphs and tragedies, re-creates the sights and sounds of an era in music and an unsung moment in American life.

    star rating 407 pages
  3. book cover
    In the Time of the Butterflies
    by Julia Alvarez

    A story based on actual events evokes the horror of the Dominican Republic under dictator General Trujillo, as three sisters die in a jeep "accident"

    star rating 325 pages
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    Midnight's children
    by Salman Rushdie

    The life of a man born at the moment of India's independence becomes inextricably linked to that of his nation and is a whirlwind of disasters and triumphs that mirror modern India's course.

    star rating 589 pages
  5. book cover
    Sea of Poppies
    by Amitav Ghosh

    Preparing to fight China's nineteenth-century Opium Wars, a motley assortment of sailors and passengers establish family-like ties that eventually span continents, races, and generations.

    star rating 515 pages
  6. book cover
    Interpreter of Maladies
    by Jhumpa Lahiri

    A debut collection of short fiction blends elements of Indian traditions with the complexities of American culture in such tales as "A Temporary Matter," in which a young Indian-American couple confronts their grief over the loss of a child, while their Boston neighborhood copes with a nightly blackout. Original. 20,000 first printing.

    star rating 198 pages
  7. book cover
    by Ha Jin

    "In Waiting, Ha Jin portrays the life of Lin Kong, a dedicated doctor torn by his love for two women: one who belongs to the New China of the Cultural Revolution, the other to the ancient traditions of his family's village. Ha Jin profoundly understands the conflict between the individual and society, between the timeless universality of the human heart and constantly shifting politics of the moment. With wisdom, restraint, and empathy for all his characters, he vividly reveals the complexities and subtleties of a world and a people we desperately need to know." - Judges' Citation, National Book Award

    star rating 320 pages
  8. book cover
    The Joy Luck Club
    by Amy Tan

    Encompassing two generations and a rich blend of Chinese and American history, the story of four struggling, strong women also reveals their daughter's memories and feelings

    star rating 288 pages
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    An Artist of the Floating World
    by Kazuo Ishiguro

    This is the story of an artist as an aging man, struggling through the wreckage of Japan's World War II experience. Ishiguro's first novel.

    star rating 206 pages
  10. book cover
    When the Emperor Was Divine
    by Julie Otsuka

    A story told from five different points of view chronicles the experiences of Japanese Americans caught up in the nightmare of the World War II internment camps.

    star rating 160 pages
  11. book cover
    Native Speaker
    by Chang-Rae Lee

    Henry Park, a Korean-American private spy, is challenged by a new assignment to investigate a rising politician, but the secrets he uncovers threaten his cultural identity and his relationship with his wife.

    star rating 448 pages
  12. book cover
    Everything Asian
    by Sung J. Woo

    Relocating to America with his unhappy mother and fifteen-year-old sister, twelve-year-old David Kim reunites with the father he has not seen in five years while working in the family strip-mall gift shop, an endeavor during which he harbors a secret shame about what he believes to be his father's character flaws.

    star rating 328 pages