Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

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Library Board of Trustees
Board Meeting
Monday, May 11, 2020

Frank Brady, Kathleen Capelli, Janet Lindner, Steve Sheinkin, Issac (Ike) Pulver, Eric Blackman, Tara Chhabra, Laura Clark, Jennifer Ferriss, Don Flinton, Jennifer Ogrodowski, Minita Sanghvi, Ric Taras, Carmen Vasquez

Meeting Called to Order at 5:02 PM

Approval of April 20, 2020 meeting minutes:
Frank Brady moved to approve the April meeting minutes with the following change. Public comment section should read: None, as there were no public comments made at the, April 20, 2020 Board meeting. Second by, Minita Sanghvi. Frank Brady all in favor, motion carries.

Approval of Expenditures:
Frank Brady moved to approve the April Prepaid checks 67893 - 67895 & 67899 – 67900, the May Warrants checks 67904 - 67944. Second by, Minita Sanghvi. Frank Brady all in favor, motion carries.

Approval of Financial Reports:
Kathleen Capelli moved to approve the reallocation of $30,000 from Capital Projects (60045-2) to Repairs & Maintenance (60035-1). Second by, Janet Lindner. Frank Brady all in favor, motion carries. Frank Brady also moved to accept the Financial Reports seconded by, Minita Sanghvi. Frank Brady all in favor, motion carries.

President's Report:
Frank Brady thanked staff for all their efforts during this pandemic. The Library is truly not closed, it is operating virtually, due to the efforts of our dedicated staff. The Trustee Elections will proceed as well as the Library's Annual Budget vote, which will take place in June. The Library continues to move forward and is in the process of establishing its reopening plan.

Public Comment:

Correspondence and Communication:

Director's Report:
The Governor has issued a new executive order that school and school district library votes occur entirely by absentee ballot, with a due date of June 9. The Library has partnered with the Saratoga Springs City School District and the Library's Trustee Election and Annual Budget vote will be added to this year's School District's Board Elections and Annual Budget vote. Frank Brady motioned to rescind the previously scheduled Trustee Election & Annual Budget vote scheduled for, June 27, 2020, and motions to approve the coordination and partnership of the Library's Trustee Election and Budget Vote with the Saratoga Springs City School District to be held on, June 9, 2020. Second by, Minita Sanghvi. Frank Brady all in favor, motion carries.

There was discussion of which one of the Governor's four reopening phases the Library would fall under; however, as of today's meeting there has been no clear guidance. Frank Brady, said that he would like the Library to be as communicative as possible with the public regarding reopening information.

Use statistics were reported in their usual format, however their significance is minimal at this time, since all programs continue to be virtual. Digital books however, has increased by 68% during this pause. Jen Ferriss reported the Library had an amazing participation from staff on this year's annual Sustainable Project. One third of the staff participated in this year's Earth Day Eco Challenge and is excited to implement what they've learned. Tara Chhabra shared staff member, Amy Peck's, comment on the ThinkHR website on customer service. Amy stated that she enjoyed the segment on customer service and is learning to implement those techniques, both at work and home. Jen Ogrodowski reported her staff continues to present programs virtually, vegetable gardening in small spaces, book chats and poetry groups. They are also working on a Reference Handbook for the department. Laura Clark stated we've been recording our Storytimes so that the children can see the faces they're familiar with. Work is also continuing on our Read a 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program, as well as working on our Summer Reading programs for this year. Ric Taras reported that the Operations Department has been working to keep the building running and safe during the pause along with keeping up with our annual maintenance projects. We've been receiving our supplies of soap, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes and seem to be in a decent place at this time. He was able secure a favorable new contract with our waste management company. It was a small savings, but as always we can able those savings to other costs that continue to rise.

Special / Committee Reports:

Old Business:
Frank Brady, the Budget Vote and Trustee Election has already been discussed. The Saratoga Book Festival has been discussed, so let's move onto New Business.

New Business:
Ike Pulver, reported that work is continuing on the draft of the Library's Phased Reopening Plan. Initial services to the public will remain the same as at present, with e-materials and virtual programs, while we check in items that are in circulation and get a handle on the SALS/MVLS delivery. Over time we'll have the public in by appointment only, which will allow them to pick up materials they've requested. We will continue to work in phases until we've reached our goal of opening up completely and back to business as normal. Along the way we'll continue to take our leads from the Public Health Officials, County and State Health Departments and the Governor's office etc. Kathleen Capelli asked how would we get that information to the public as to what phase the Library is in and what services are available within that particular phase, and Ike Pulver, replied that all of this information will be listed on the Library's web page and will be updated as we move into each phase. Frank Brady asked whether the public would be required to wear masks, and Ike Pulver responded that that requirement will be, built in to our expanded Public Health Emergency Plan, which will come from our staff start up committee. Since the reopening plan is still in "Draft" for, no action is required now, however input and feedback is certainly welcomed.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:02 pm

Respectfully submitted by:
CR Vasquez, Sr. Account Clerk

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