Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

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Library Board of Trustees
Board Meeting
Monday, April 20, 2020

Frank Brady, Kathleen Capelli, Janet Lindner, Minita Sanghvi, Steve Sheinkin, Issac (Ike) Pulver, Tara Chhabra, Laura Clark, Jennifer Ferriss, Don Flinton, Jennifer Ogrodowski, Ric Taras, Carmen Vasquez

Eric Blackman

Meeting Called to Order at 5:02 PM

Approval of March 9, 2020, March 26, 2020 and March 28, 2020 meeting minutes:
Frank Brady moved to accept the meeting minutes, Minita Sanghvi seconded.

Approval of Expenditures:
Frank Brady moved to approve the March Prepaid checks 67825-67830, the April Warrants checks 67831-67892 and the Supplemental April Warrants checks 67897-67898. Steve Sheinkin seconded, all in favor, motion passed.

Approval of Financial Reports:
Janet Lindner, moved to reallocate $3,000 from 60060-1 Programs to 60020-1 Periodicals & Microforms, $7,5000 from 60060-1 Programs to 60018-1 Electronic Resources and to accept financial reports, Steve Sheinkin, seconded, all in favor, motion passed.

President's Report:
Frank Brady, complimented the library staff and administration for quickly and skillfully adjusting to provide as much service to the community as possible under these circumstances, with particular thanks to Tara Chhabra for dealing with Human Resources issues that have arisen, and to Don Flinton for meeting the technical challenges arising from this new virtual way of doing business. Frank also remarked on the staff talents and thanked everyone for their efforts. Steve Sheinkin and Janet Lindner, echoed his sentiments.

Public Comment:

Correspondence and Communication:

Director's Report:
Ike Pulver praised the staff's talent and their courage to learn new ways of working during this emergency. There was discussion of how the use of statistics normally compiled for reporting are affected by the closure, and Ike shared Facebook reach statistics, which have skyrocketed. Department Reports were given, in which Tara Chhabra, Jennifer Ferriss, Jennifer Ogrodowski echoed the earlier sentiments about the resiliency, creativity, and bravery of library staff.

Janel Lindner moved to appoint Jennifer Ogrodowski to the position of Library III - Head of Adult Services, Minita Sanghvi seconded, all in favor, motion passed.

Special / Committee Reports:

Old Business:

  1. Public Health Emergency Response. The pause has been extended through the, 15th of May. A committee of representatives from SALS libraries has convened in order to coordinate reopening plans. In person programs have been suspended until Fall.
  2. Strategic Planning: There was consensus to hold off on the planned survey until there is a better sense of when we might begin normal operations.
  3. Mechanical Upgrades Project Update Frank Brady, moved to accept the proposed accommodation from Campito Plumbing and Heating, including a refund in the $5000 range as a credit for cost difference between the PVC piping that was installed and the Polypropylene that was contracted for. That two safety features be installed, a cutoff for the boiler and Carbon Monoxide sensors be installed. Steve Sheinkin, seconded, all in favor, motion passed
  4. Budget Vote and Trustee Election: Frank Brady moved that the Budget Vote & Trustee Election, schedule for April 23, 2020, be rescheduled for June 25, 2020. Minita Sanghvi, seconded, all in favor, motion passed.
  5. Saratoga Book Festival: Ike Pulver reported that the Book Festival has been cancelled.
  6. Proposed Updates to Bylaws of Board of Trustees: Frank Brady moved to approve proposed updates to the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees, Janet Lindner seconded, all in favor, motion passed.

New Business:

Meeting Adjourned at 5:55 pm

Respectfully submitted by:
C.R. Vasquez, Sr. Account Clerk

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