Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

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49 Henry Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-3271
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Library Board of Trustees
Board Meeting
Monday, January 10, 2022

Frank Brady, Kathleen Capelli, Heather Crocker, Carol Daggs, Terence Diggory, Janet Lindner, Issac (Ike) Pulver, Eric Blackman, Catherine Brenner, Jennifer Ferriss, Don Flinton, Kelly McCombs, Jennifer Ogrodowski, Ric Taras, Denise Feltes, Jean Fei, Carol Hausamann, Jennifer Menard

Meeting Called to Order at 5:04 PM

Report on FY2020-21 Audited Financial Statement from Marvin and Company (Exhibit VII):

Carol Hausamann and Jennifer Menard, both from Marvin & Co., reviewed their findings of the audit performed during the week of October 18, 2021. There were no significant issues. Administrative user rights for the payroll website will be updated as soon as Kelly is familiar with our payroll software.

Approval of December 2021 Minutes:

Frank motioned to accept the amended December 2021 minutes. Terry seconded. All in favor. Motion carries.

Approval of Expenditures:

Katie motioned to approve the expenditures including the December Pre-Paid Checks totaling $1,289.25 and the January Warrants totaling $122,286.74. Janet seconded. All in favor. Expenditures are approved.

Approval of Financial Reports:

Janet motioned to approve the December Pre-Paids, the January Warrants, the Budget Report, and the Income Report. Heather seconded. All in favor. The reports are accepted.

Frank motioned that we accept the $250 gift from SOIIC Investment Club in memory of Tom Kershner. Katie seconded. All in favor. Motion passes.

President’s Report: None

Public Comment: None

Correspondence & Communication: None

Director’s Report: The library continues to reopen cautiously. There is a plan in place to scale back services on the ground floor and the second floor if staffing becomes an issue. Meeting Rooms are available to schedule meetings and programs again. All employees are universally responsible to enforce the mask policy. Staff have access to various training in de-escalation procedures and dealing with difficult people. Leadership team is developing a policy for standard response to violations of library policy.

The Overstory by Richard Powers is the 2022 SaratogaREADS! selection with The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett in a close second.

Department Reports:

  1. Circulation: Self-registration for a library card is coming soon online with eligibility requirements being that you must be 13 years of age or older along with residency in the eight counties served by MVLS/SALS. Your address must be on file with the post office.
  2. Youth Services: El Deafo by Cece Bell is the SaratogaREADS! Junior companion book choice.
  3. Adult Services: Rhona Koretsky’s Riding the Rails: Welcome to Slow Travel program was an amazing program and a really nice virtual getaway. Lorie Wies retired in December but remains with us on a part time basis. The library will receive a final project report by a Syracuse University MLIS student who worked with Trevor Oakley on a plan to repurpose the former café space into a teaching café.
  4. Operations: The library will benefit greatly from the installation of the LED lighting in the parking lot. Two of the lights will have to be re-anchored in the Spring. Staffing continues to be a concern. Tom Scalo, the new building monitor, recently resigned.
  5. Human Resources: Library vacancies will be posted in the Saratoga County Chamber’s Job Zone as soon as Kelly McCombs has log on access.

Frank motioned to appoint Katherine Federiconi to Librarian I, Full Time, Adult Services effective 1/17/2022. Katie seconded. All in favor. Motion carries.

Discussion surrounding the draft of the Archivist job specifications (Exhibit IX). Commission meeting to be held on 1/26/2022. Katie motioned to adopt the recommended language for the Archivist position. Terry seconded. All in favor. Motion carries.

Discussion regarding the draft of the Vaccination and Testing Policy. No need for action at this time.

Special / Committee Reports: None

Old Business:

  1. Reopening Status – See Director’s Report
  2. Suggested Change to Bylaws - None

New Business:

Appointment of Jean Fei to Board of Trustees: Katie motioned to appoint Jean Fei to the Board of Trustees to fill the vacancy created with the departure of Minita Sanghvi. Heather seconded. All in favor. Jean is appointed. Jean's term will conclude on June 30, 2022.

Report on FY2020-21 Audited Financial Statement from Marvin and Company (Exhibit VII)

See first Agenda Item on these Minutes

Request to Appoint Katherine Federiconi– Librarian I –FT Effective 1/17/2022

See Human Resources Report

Draft Covid-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy

See Human Resources Report

Request to add library to Saratoga Spring Civil Service Archivist job specification (Exhibit IX)

See Human Resources Report

Executive Session to Discuss a Particular Personnel Matter

Frank motioned to move the meeting to executive session to discuss a particular personnel matter. Katie seconded. All in favor. Motion carries.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:10 pm

Respectfully submitted by:
Denise Feltes, Senior Account Clerk

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