Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

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Library Board of Trustees
Board Meeting
Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Frank Brady, Kathleen Capelli, Heather Crocker, Carol Daggs, Terence Diggory, Janet Lindner, Minita Sanghvi, Issac (Ike) Pulver, Eric Blackman, Catherine Brenner, Jennifer Ferriss, Don Flinton, Ric Taras, Denise Feltes

Jennifer Ogrodowski

Meeting Called to Order at 5:04 PM

Approval of September 2021 Minutes Regular Meeting and Executive Session:

Katie Capelli motioned to approve the minutes of the September board meeting and the Executive Session. Janet Lindner seconded. All in favor. Motion passes.

Approval of Expenditures:

Frank made a motion to reallocate $10,000 from 60100-1 ∙ Library Supplies to 60032-1 ∙ Software and Licenses. Terry seconded. All in favor. Motion carries.

Question regarding U-Stor-It (storage unit). Frank made a motion to approve the September Pre-Paid Checks, the October Warrants, and the October Supplemental Warrants. Katie seconded. All in favor. Expenditures are approved.

Approval of Financial Reports:

Discussion regarding missing Board of Ed/Taxes for October on Monthly Income Report which is due to the preparation date; therefore, report shows income-to-date rather than to the end of September.

Minita motioned to approve the Financial Reports, Frank seconded. All in favor. Reports are approved.

President’s Report:


Public Comment:

During Minita’s campaigning, people have expressed their enthusiasm and love for our library. Minita congratulated our team for all the amazing work we are doing.

Correspondence & Communication:


Director’s Report:

Re-Opening Status: We are on track to restore our hours in January 2022 to 70 hours. Incremental steps along the way to re-introduce in-person programming. The Saratoga Book Festival this weekend will be our first in-person program with safety protocols in place. Seven events will be held at the library along with other events at the Arts Center, Café Lena, and the City Center. We anticipate a limited reopening of the Teen Room at the beginning of November on Tuesdays and Thursdays during after school hours.

HR Update: Given the number of candidates, and the size of the interview panel, we will conduct the initial interviews via Zoom within the next couple of weeks.

Resignation/Reappointment: Katie motioned to reappoint Charles Ford and Deborah Usas to their part-time positions within the library effective October 2, 2021. Janet seconded. All in favor. Motion approved.

HVAC Improvements Project: A meeting is tentatively scheduled for the week of October 18th.

Saratoga Reads: Staff nominated 14 titles reflecting our strategic plan to be narrowed down to a short list of nominations in the fictional category to be presented to the public during the upcoming Saratoga Book Festival.

Saratoga Book Festival: Previously discussed.

Terry attempted to make an online donation while signing up for one of the events, but the website would not allow it. Ike will bring these comments to the Book Festival committee members.

Staff Development Day: Introductory and Wrap Up sessions were via Zoom. Small in-person groups brainstormed potential solutions to specific questions from the 4 focus areas of our strategic plan. Mixed group exercises surrounding Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion were part of a Belonging Exercise to bring ideas to real life situations. Tabulations of staff evaluations were very positive.

Special / Committee Reports:

The Personnel Committee consisting of Heather and Katie has requested Janet to be appointed to assist since there will be a lot more work for that committee, and Janet will be off the Strategic Planning Committee that will consist of Frank and Terry.

Department Reports:

The Repair Café was held on Saturday, September 18th. Jen is working with Wendy to offer a Spring Repair Café. Catherine highlighted how our Librarians are exceling at being flexible, and we are consistently getting great feedback from patrons. The Cat’s Colors StoryWalk at Pitney Meadows Farm will be available until October 31, 2021. Lorie Wies will be retiring at the end of this calendar year. Ric is very glad we signed the natural gas extension due to increasing utility costs. Dan Salmon did an awesome job of filling in for Ric while he was on vacation.

Old Business:

Reopening Status & Saratoga Book Festival have already been discussed during the Director’s Report.

The auditors will be in next week, beginning Monday, October 18, 2021 to perform the FY 2020-21 Financial Audit. They will probably have questions for Frank, Eric, and Minita during the course of their field work.

New Business:

Appointment of Charles Ford and Deborah Usas has been approved during the Director’s Report.

Terry asked about the governor’s mandate for 2 hours of training for Library Board members with a recommendation from SALS to participate in the Trustee’s Handbook Club. Ike does not think it has gone into effect yet. Terry asked if there would be a variety of options for board members. Two possible options in addition to the Trustee’s Handbook Club may be a board retreat that is directly taken from the handbook and NYLA in Syracuse.

Executive Session: Not needed.

Meeting Adjourned at 5:42 pm

Respectfully submitted by:
Denise Feltes, Senior Account Clerk

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