Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

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49 Henry Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-3271
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Library Board of Trustees
Board Meeting
Monday, April 12, 2021

Frank Brady, Janet Lindner, Heather Crocker, Katie Capelli, Minita Sanghvi, Terence Diggory, Tara Chhabra, Jennifer Ogrodowski, Jennifer Ferriss, Laura Clark, Don Flinton, Ric Taras, Ike Pulver, Eric Blackman, Sue Pettit

Kristen Dart

Meeting Called to Order at 5:09 PM

Motion made by Terence Diggory and second by Katie Capelli to approve the meeting minutes for Monday, March 8, 2021. All in favor. Motion carries.

Motion made by Minita Sanghvi and second by Katie Capelli to approve the March Pre-paid checks #68721-68724, totaling $1126.16, April Warrants/Checks #68727-68811, totaling $130,597.23 and Supplemental April Warrants/Checks #68812, totaling $39.48. All in favor. Motion carries.

After discussion about donations, fines and professional services, a motion made by Janet Lindner and second by Minita Sanghvi to approve all the financial reports. All in favor. Motion carries.

Frank Brady reported that he and Terry Diggory recently participated in the planning sessions involving Library staff and members of our community. He expressed his thanks to several community members - named in the Director's Report - who donated a significant amount of time to help shape the Strategic Plan.




  • Reopening status-expanded the library hours last week, Monday-Friday, 9-6PM and Saturday, 9-5PM. The traffic is still slow, but picking up. This has been the busiest month of the year. If the numbers come down, aiming for May to go back to Sunday hours. If the positivity sustained rate stays below 2%, may go to limited seating, increase capacity of the building and possibly open the Henry Street entrance.
  • Preparing for Summer Reading program, “Tails and Tales”, looking for outside places in the community to have programs, possibly putting up a snow fence temporarily around the lawn on Henry Street, also looking at locations in Congress Park, the State Park and lawn area at SALS.
  • The Governor and Government has extended the Executive Order for some aspects of open meeting laws. Board meetings will still be held virtual for another month.
  • Strategic Planning: received a draft plan late Friday and thanked everyone involved for their time. May need a special meeting if not on the agenda for the regular board meeting. Hoping for a finalized plan in place by July 1st.
  • Senior Accounts Clerk: was decided the position revert back to full-time. Thanked all involved with taking on parts of the position that was made part-time after Marj Johnson retired and while Carmen was out, then deciding to resign a short time after. Also gave an extra thanks to Denise Feltes and Sue Pettit for their roles in the position.
  • Smart Cities Commission/Potential Partnership with the City: Don representing the library, NYSERDA, the City and NYSEC are discussing a joint project to extend the Wi-Fi to the grounds of the library building and outside of the library property, upgrade to LED lighting and add cameras to track who is coming in the library parking lot and where people go. The cameras could have useful data on how the parking lot is used. This project would be funded by a Smart Cities Grant, Tina Carton, from the City, applied for.
  • Mechanical Improvements Project: one final phase of the HVAC is left to complete. Ike reached out to the architects to get bids out. Approval is needed by the Board. It may coincide with the regular Board meeting. If not, a special meeting will be needed to approve the bid.
  • Saratoga Book Festival: coming up on April 22nd is Mark Harris in Conversation with Audrey Kupferberg.

Were discussed, most digital audio materials were circulated, new YouTube statistics were added, Global Content and the library has over 4000 fans and followers on FaceBook.

Were read. In Tara’s report, actions are need to be taken for Employee Handbook Updates for the following:

  • Proposed update for the Shelver position that has been unchanged for about 20 years. Motion made by Katie Capelli and second by Minita Sanghvi to adopt the new Library Shelver description. All in favor. Motion carries.
  • The Governor signed legislation on March 12, 2021 mandating employers statewide to provide up to 4 hours of paid leave for each COVID shot if an employee is already scheduled to work. Four hours total of paid leave was already approved by the Board and now the policy needs to be revised. Motion made by Minita Sanghvi and second by Katie Capelli to approve the COVID-19 vaccination policy handbook update.
  • Action only needs to be taken if the policy for FFCRA-Families First Coronavirus Response Act is to be extended beyond the March 31st, 2021 expiration date. Board decision was to not extend this benefit. No action is needed.



  • Reopening Status: discussed in Ike’s report
  • 2021 Library Budget Vote and Trustee Election
    1. FY 2021-22 Proposed Budget - a zero growth budget with no change in the tax levy. Slight changes are: a significant increase in electricity, a 1.2% cost of living increase based on the Northeast Urban Consumer Price Index. These changes will come from the cash on hand amount in the budget. Motion made by Terence Diggory and second by Janet Lindner to approve the proposed budget for 2021-2022. All in favor. Motion carries.
    2. Revised Calendar - Sue Pettit named as recipient of petitions instead of Carmen Vasquez. Hearing and Budget Vote for June were approved last month by the Board.
  • Strategic Plan - was discussed in Ike’s report, need more time to look at the report by consultants. Will need a special meeting by the Board to review process and make any changes.


  • Appointment of Susan Pettit as Library District Clerk - Motion made by Frank Brady and second by Katie Capelli to appoint Susan Pettit as Library District Clerk. All in favor. Motion carries.
  • Employee Handbook Updates – discussed and action taken during Tara’s report
  • Spring Staff Day scheduled for May has been changed to remote training. The library will be open all day from 9AM-6PM. There was a discussion about Juneteenth. Motion made by Frank Brady and second by Janet Lindner to adopt the revised schedule. All in favor. Schedule is adopted.
  • 2021 SALS/MVLS Joint Automation Agreement – need approval of our entry we have with SALS. Motion made by Terence Diggory and second by Katie Capelli to approve the 2021 SALS/MVLS Joint Automation Agreement. All in favor. Motion carries.
  • Any ideas about Juneteenth, speak to Frank or Ike

Meeting Adjourned at 6:17 pm

Respectfully submitted by:
Susan Pettit

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