Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

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49 Henry Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-3271
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Library Board of Trustees
Board Meeting
Monday, June 8, 2020

Frank Brady, Kathleen Capelli, Minita Sanghvi, Steve Sheinkin, Issac Pulver, Eric Blackman, Tara Chhabra, Laura Clark, Jennifer Ferriss, Don Flinton, Jennifer Ogrodowski, Ric Taras, Carmen Vasquez

Janet Lindner

Meeting Called to Order at 5:04 PM

Approval of Minutes:
Frank Brady approval is needed on the following three sets of meeting minutes: May 11, 2020, June 1, 2020, and June 4, 2020. Kathleen Capelli, second by Minita Sanghvi approve all three sets of meeting minutes. All in favor, motion carries.

Approval of Expenditures:
Steve Sheinkin, second by Kathleen Capelli approve the May Prepaid Ck # 67901-67902 and Ck # 67945-67946 totally $1,132.70, along with the June Warrants Ck # 67947 – 67991 totally $109,670.48. All in favor, motion carries.

Approval of Financial Reports:
Frank Brady, second by Steve Sheinkin approve the reallocation of the following funds:

  • $2500 from 60012-1 - NYS Retirement Expense to 60032-1 - Software & Licenses
  • $5000 from 60012-1 - NYS Retirement Expense to 60050-1 – Conferences & Staff Training

All in favor, motion carries. Kathleen Capelli, second by Minita Sanghvi motioned to approve the financial reports. All in favor, motion carries.

President's Report:
Thank you Steve for all your hard work and dedication to this Board. Your common sense approach will be missed, you're a great guy and it's been a pleasure to work alongside you. You've done a great service to this community and the Board will certainly miss you. Steve Sheinkin, thank you everyone, it's been my pleasure.

Public Comment:

Correspondence and Communication:

Director's Report:
Damage done to the Library flooring has been reported to both insurance carriers; the Library's and the contractor involved. The Library may be made whole between both carriers, however that has not been finalized at this time. PPE and other safety items needed for the reopening of the Library are in place. The testing of a social media management tool, called Agorapulse, has provided the Library greater and more meaningful information than our normal state report stats. Jen Ogrodowski, the department continues to work on virtual programs. Our Intro to American Sign Language filled up quickly and a second date has been scheduled. Thank you to my full and part time co-workers for all they've done and continue to do during this pandemic. A special thanks to the management team for their dedication to the Library's reopening plan, it's been a huge undertaking. Jennifer Ferriss, our electronic usage continues to increase, we now have a new user base. My department has put in enormous effort, countless hours and dedicated themselves to putting our contactless reopening plan into motion. This encompassed, scheduling, quarantining of books and ensuring the safety and comfort of both staff and public. Tara Chhabra, the management team put in a great deal of effort into the Library's Reopening Plan and it's a document that will need continuous updating. We have several policies that have been reviewed, approved by our attorneys and added to the Employee Handbook that will require Board approval. They are: FFCRA Emergency Family and Medical Leave Act leave, FFCRA Emergency paid sick leave, and New York COVID-19 benefits. Laura Clark, the Library's Summer Reading program opens on June 22, along with the Library's contactless pick-up. Our programs and videos are continuing as well. My thanks to Heather Cunningham for all she's done. Shortly after her hire date the Library closed and began to work from home. She's been working somewhat in the dark, doing teen programs with those she's not had the opportunity to meet, and yet she's managed to provide some really great innovative programs.

Special / Committee Reports:

Old Business:
The Governor's office issued a new order, granting additional time to complete the School and Library voting process. If you're presenting your ballot in person to the Saratoga Springs City School District you will have until 5:00 pm on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 to submit your ballot. However, if you are mailing your ballot you will now have until Friday, June 12, 2020.

New Business:
Kathleen Capelli, second by Steve Sheinkin approve the updates to the Employee Handbook, along with approval of the addendum to the Library's Reopening Plan, which will be accessible on the Library's Website page. All in favor, motion carries. Library employees, visiting vendors/contractors, will be required to complete a Daily Screening Affirmation before entering the Library building. Employees will have electronic access to the affirmation through the Library's payroll company, Paylocity. A paper option of the affirmation will also be made available. Affirmations will be reviewed daily by the employee's department supervisor and approval to report to work will be rendered at that time. No Board action is needed. Frank Brady, second by Kathleen Capelli approve the Accommodation of Steve Sheinkin's service to the Library.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:02 pm

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