Library Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

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49 Henry Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-3271
(518) 584-7860 • Fax: (518) 584-7866 •

Library Board of Trustees
Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Monday, March 14, 2022

Saratoga Springs Public Library Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting, March 14, 2022 via Zoom


I. Call to Order

II. Approval of Minutes of –Action Required

  1. February, 2022 Regular Meeting and Executive Session
  2. March 2, 2022 Special Meeting – Budget Workshop

III. Approval of Expenditures (See Exhibit I) – Action Required

  1. February Pre-Paid Checks 69788 to 69789 totaling $429.75
  2. March Warrants 69790 to 69867 totaling $116,174.89

IV. Approval of Financial Reports – Action Required

  1. February Pre-Paids and March Warrant Summary Sheet (Exhibit I)

B. Budget Report - (Exhibit II)

C. Income Report - (Exhibit III)

V. President’s Report

VI. Public Comment

VII. Correspondence and Communication

VII. Director’s Report

A. Director’s Written Report (Exhibit IV)

B. Department Reports (Exhibit V)

IX. Special / Committee Reports

X. Old Business

A. Reopening Status

B. Budget Vote & Trustee Election

XI. New Business

  1. Requests to Appoint – action required:
    1. Henry Fernau, Computer Clerk (P/T), effective February 22, 2022
    2. Lucas Collins, Cleaner (P/T), effective March 4, 2022
    3. Michelle Isopo, Archivist (F/T), effective April 4, 2022

XII: Adjournment

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